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Thread: Mayhems Pastel Pink/Red, Do They Stain?

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    Mayhems Pastel Pink/Red, Do They Stain?

    Hi everyone, I've been a long-time customer of Daz and just realised now that he has a forum! I figured that with so many of you on here that have played around with a few different products , you may be able to help answer this question.

    I'm putting together a new build with some old parts I have laying around, as well as some new goodies (GTX 1080 Seahawk EK X) and am planning on tackling acrylic hard tubing for the first time. Seeing as how I'll be using clear tubing, I figured I'd try out some coloured fluids. Until now, I've used coloured soft tubing (Primochill LRT) and just distilled water+Daz's water treatment so all these pastels and dyes are new to me.

    I've been doing a bit of reading and have seen that the red and pink dyes in particular tend to stain components the worst. Since Mayhem's pastels are just white pastel fluid with dyes added to them (I think?), does that mean that they will also stain my components over time? I'd rather not deal with that headache to be honest so if that's the case I will change up the colours for my build.

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    Pastels will stain your components over time just like clear fluids will do.

    Daz also carries coloured acrylic hard tube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooded View Post
    Pastels will stain your components over time just like clear fluids will do.

    Daz also carries coloured acrylic hard tube.

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    Thanks for the response Hooded. I guess the next question would be, will it stain enough to be a problem over the course of a year or are you talking longer term?

    I usually rip apart my rigs and do a deep clean on them once a year or sooner when I change the fluids so if it's more or less the same then I don't mind.

    And thanks for the warm welcome!

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    In case anyone else comes across this thread and was curious about this, I finally got a response from Mayhems support team (after almost a week...):

    "We do use the non stain pink dye in the pastel, but due to the amount needed to dye the pastel you may still suffer from some staining. But nothing like it used to.



    Mayhem user support."

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    Lucky to get any response from Mayhem at all. Mic has been sick.

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