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Thread: WTB Good Quality Used Watercooling Parts

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    WTB Good Quality Used Watercooling Parts

    Title says it all,

    I'm looking for

    6 fans 120mm for rad PWM x 6

    g 1/4 ball valve, 3/8 5/8 fittings

    CPU block for z270 board

    thank you for looking
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    Have 2 EK PE 360's if interested PM.
    3770K IHS removed-Max V gene-2x4gig ram Gskills 2400 Trident X-2x400watt Qmax TEC`s with dew point controller-420 Monsta rad for TEC hotside-360 TFC Xchanger for dual 670`s-RP452 res with 2xD5 vario pumps- HF Supreme with modified plate-DD Cp Pro pump for cold side of TEC and cpu block-Dual CM haf 922`s and a Seasonic X-1250 Psu

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    Have an XSPC dual bay res if you're interested, PM.

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    still looking for a couple things, BUMP

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    i have 2 360mm ek 26mm radiators that need work such as new paint and sanding as they are awful. i got 1 120mm black ice and a 140mm black ice xflow with a bay res with a silver coil im willing to let all go for dirt cheap

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    Still need a ball valve?

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    Interested in the radiators

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