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    I was wondering why the lack of water. Right there with ya Nass, waiting for HeatKiller mounts for Ryzen from Daz. If you're in a hurry, a Watercool guy on OCN said the AM4 mounts are fairly plentiful if you want to order directly from Watercool. I'm getting itchy myself!! Although I must say, this Wraith cooler ain't half bad. I like the mounting, and the fact that the screws bottom out, so you know exactly when to stop screwing em down. Plus it looks good. Not sure how it performs since I don't have an OS yet, thus why bother OCing.

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    Ya is the plan is to order from Germany the block, rest will be coming from Daz.

    Ya the wraith cooler is doing fine, am impressed with it really but is not the same as aqua. All this air is just for testing the new hardware, cpu will be water cooled, as for vid am waiting on amd on this build, the 970 will be fine for the meantime but stay on air.

    Ya you need an os to install the testing software to oc.

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