Scythe Gentle Typhoon 2150RPM 68.8CFM @30db Fan


Part Number: D1225C12B5AP-45
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Product Description

The newest Gentle Typhoon case and radiator fans are available at 2150rpms!



Fans are characterized by a lower noise level. The special design of the fan blades as well as the double vibration structure of the motor generates little noise paired with high performance.

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By Steven S at 01/03/2014

Okay fan, Do not buy if you plan to use with fan controller!! These fans make a rather annoying ticking type sound between ~ 84-90% voltage. Fan controller I'm using : Aaquaero 5 LT. This would make an okay fan for someone who will run it at 100% continuously.

By Dinujan K at 01/15/2014

Currently undervolting them to 7V. Pushing out more air with less noise than my Noctua FLX 140mm fan(ULN adapter). Would buy 4 more for push-pull if it weren't so expensive.

By Daz B at 01/16/2014

I have 11 of those fans in my Venom build slowed down to about 1500rpm. Rig rans extremely quiet and I don't even speed them up while gaming. Shame fans were discontinued as Scythe and Nidec cannot come to terms of cooperation. Enjoy while it last.

By William W at 06/22/2014

These 2150rpm AP-45s are by FAR the best rad fans ever made. They are even better than their more popular AP-15 little brothers. Well, they are essentially the same fan as the AP-14 or AP-15 except these AP-45s can ramp up even further if/when needed. I have more than a dozen of all three fans and love them all, but these AP-45s are the best! They are best used on a good fan controller though, something with a nice clean DC signal like a CW611 or an Aquaero. I would not recommend using these without a fan controller, and would discourage using them with a cheapie controller or you're liable to find this fan, like so many others including all of the Gentle Typhoon lineup, doesn't always like the flickering current modulation from low-end controllers especially at certain speeds. I figured this out the hard way do you don't have to.

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