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  • Upgrades worth it ?

    Looking to upgrade my current system if it makes sense. Isn't a bad system but have been working 7-12s for a few weeks and have a lil saved up.

    Currently have a z97 Maximus v11 board
    Dual 980tis
    16gb ddr3 ram
    Asus rog 34 monitor

    Haven't been keeping up with all the new happenings with mobos and processors
    Not sure if it's worth it to upgrade the mobo processor and ram just yet Not even sure if I'll see gains. Mainly just play battlefield 1 and witches 3 I do have to drop the settings a bit to get good fps

    Thinking about just possibly upgrading to dual 1080tis and upgrading ram to 32gb as prices for dd3 aren't bad anymore

    I found dual 1080 ''tis locally for 1000 for both ,

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    Originally posted by trestles126 View Post
    I found dual 1080 ''tis locally for 1000 for both ,
    WOW! forget anything else. You're good bro.
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      Originally posted by trestles126 View Post
      I found dual 1080 ''tis locally for 1000 for both ,
      WAT??!?!!? Be sure to check the GPUs closely, for blood stains, bits of human flesh / bone / hair / etc! What Bungz said, just change the GPUs and you'll be good for a long time. Until you get the urge for NVME storage, more cores, etc.


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        for the price, 2 1080 would be a good jump in your fps, changing system not sure you'll see that much improvement, paid a g-note for one 1080 when they came out, did the same on the ti I have now.


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          You'll go from 120, to 140 FPS, for a 1000 dollars. Waste of money.


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            I would sell the other 1080 for $500-550 and buy a nice 2Tb SSD.


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              dual 1080ti for $1000.00? For that monitor I'd say it's overkill, but that's an amazing deal.

              CPU wise I don't see anything needed, 32GB of RAM is a nice-to-have, but not a requirement unless you are running multiple virtual machines on that box.
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