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  • Dr.Peltier

    Hey Canada, and beyond! First time fully filling out a build log since my Maximus IV Extreme-Z based build on Overclockers forum in about year '11, Yet here I am to see how well my skills can take me when put to the test.
    The main theme behind my build brought me back to the good old days playing with Lego, and tinkering with various electrical devices. Only this time it's playing with fittings and experimenting with a bit of a sciencey feel using one kind of electric device, a Thermoelectric Peltier, well actually two.. My end result I'm hoping to achieve is to trade a lil electricity for a cooler, quieter, system with only enough fan movement to keep positive pressure.

    For the most part all my parts and components have been finalized, but some may be subjected to change, especially the fittings.

    Main Components
    Mobo Maximus IX Extreme
    CPU I57600K
    Ram Dominator ROG Edition 4x8GB
    GPU GTX1080Founders
    Storage 960Pro 512GB
    PSU HX 850I
    Case TheTower900

    Water Cooling Mains
    Rad1 CE 140
    Rad2 CE 420
    Rad3 CE 560
    Pump1 D5 PWM
    Pump2 D5 PWM
    Pump3 DDC3.2 PWM
    Res1 HEATKILLER Tube150
    Res2 HEATKILLER Tube150
    Res3 DDC Mod Kit
    CPU/Chipset/NVMe Maximus Extreme MonoBlock
    PeltierHotBlock Summit EF-X Silver
    PeltierColdBlock Summit EF-X RGB
    GPU Reference 1080 RGB

    Water Cooling Fittings
    16mm HardTube Connector 16
    12mm HardTube Connector 4
    3/8:1/2 Compression Connector 8
    1/2:3/4 Compression Connector 4
    Male Rotary/90deg/Female 4
    Female Rotary/90deg/Female Rotary 2
    Male Rotary/3x45deg/Female 1
    Q-Block Rotary 1
    Q-Block 2
    T-Block 1
    S-Block 1
    D-Plug 1" 2
    Ball Valve 4
    12mm Male/Male 4
    8mm Male/Female1
    5mm Male/Male 3
    Thermal Couplers 5
    Flow Meters 2
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    Just saying, my Maximus IV Extreme-Z is still rolling out the computes.

    so hell ya. bring the science!!
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    C70 Mods


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      Cool stuff. Looking forward to the build log.
      Blue Dragon CM690 II an i7 - 960 x58 build
      OverKill HTPC - Red Team Build an AMD FX6100 with dual HD 5870's in crossfire.


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        Ohhh a 900 build
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          Bring on the science Doctor


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            The Testing

            I did a fair bit of testing before hand starting with 30 and 60watt Peltier plates, the results not to bad.

            Yes you're looking at K'Nex, it's my certified GPU lifters, that 580 under water is one saggy bugger, my 560 is under it dry, sadly the 580 died on me shortly befor the 1080 launch, but atleast the Maximus IV alloud me to shut the 580 lane off so I didn't have to remove it from the loop just yet RIP

            This is the start of the magic, I have the 60watt Peltier sandwiched between my old ThermalTake CPU block and a Laptop heatsink, the TTBlock cam from my first watercooling kit the BigWater760Plus

            After a Freezing succsess I ordered parts and got the peltier now sandwiched between two waterblocks

            This little res combo really reminded me of lego building it, its purpose was to allow me to tap into my old rigs watercooling and easily bleed the system still. The bag with the white plate and red n back wires is the small 60watt peltier plates

            Guess this is spoiler for a later post but thats the 1080 under the waterblock already... And the res and pump already put together

            Later in the build after both cooling blocks are mounted in the center piece I did one more test with 25C ambient air and here are the results
            At idle with only 1 400watt peltier, water sensors 1 in and out are cold side on the gpu and cpu, water sensors 2 are on the hot side straight to the 140 and 560 rad but both rads only having 1 fan running at slowest speed

            and at a full load running for 3hours stress, water2 in should be a colder tempurature than water2vout but i feel this may have something to do with the Darkside sensor being mixed into my bag of tricks, unfortently Daz is out of Bitspower sensors atm

            Only hurdle I'm going to over come is my method of cable connection, Obviously the magic pixies don't like 18AWG in 400Watt, especially at the junction points, At 12Vdc that's 33.3amps should atleast be 14 gauge but i'll try 16 because this is a dedicated load. Sure can't put these Plates in parallel pullin 66AMPS in one pixy wire., PS hottest point is at the PSU 4pin Molex connector.
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              The Peltier Center

              So this reply is going to be most to all the updates and pictures on the center piece, where the Thermoelectric Peltier's will server their function.

              First off I cut in a nice curved square to match my CPU blocks curves,i traced the block onto wax paper than used that as a stencile on the metal... turns out it was way overkill and a lot easier to just cut a square into it and place the block on the outside of the case piece and not the inside.

              oh and turns out it may look square, but the blocks actually rectangular in overall size.

              The block joint you see together in the above picture is what is in this FLIR after the loops we're finished and water flowing pc off.. This is ONLY a 30second run time, I shut down Peltier before it got well beyond -0C

              Side 2

              Time to add the filter

              so a hole lot went wrong here... the piece that is getting hidden looks great, perfect cut. yet the exposed cut looks terrible, i missed calculated and started to deep... than even started carving out semi circles to accomidate the fittings they didn't need to be there

              but it worked

              Side note, ahh something terrible grew on the screen in my old loop,it had the texture of slime yet was a squishy hard like sill

              Fortently ,unfortently I don't have an image of that gooyness,no not whats showing on the display side of the screen, the back side had it all, 7mills thick and nearly the hole screen. but god created bleach! and bleach it got!

              can you actually have to much paste?

              couldnt bend this in shoes... let alone twice

              installed in case temporary

              Ya so that Temp splice hates me

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                Photo Bucket screwing it's members over.
                Try using imger instead.
                Blue Dragon CM690 II an i7 - 960 x58 build
                OverKill HTPC - Red Team Build an AMD FX6100 with dual HD 5870's in crossfire.


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                  Originally posted by Markes12344 View Post
                  I did a fair bit of testing before hand starting with 30 and 60watt Peltier plates, the results not to bad.

                  okay I'm having a really difficult time getting pictures to actually upload... if i upload directly to forum their really tiny, if I upload to google drive or photos and use the share link as insert link that doesn't work either, but i'll try again.
                  Well i went to photobucket and it seems to work. So I'm uploading all my pictures atm I'll get back to you.

                  PS this is my current PC that I used during testing.

                  I had this issue also. I use flickr now but imgur is great too I hear.
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                    GPU Glory

                    Simply put heres little talk but a few glory shots of the GPU and waterblock install


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                      CPU and MonoBlock

                      By the way that black plastic addapter Asus made for CPU installs is amazing

                      too much paste again?

                      maybe, but full spread

                      would be turning these plugs out for days... turns out they pull out

                      The only unfortunate thing about this MonoBlock is that the built in flow meter ticks at water tempuraturs above 32C, a quick tweet to JJ from Asus and it sure is a factory defect, but mentioned I could try to realign the blocks, 7 attempts later and I have it the best I can get it, but frig theres 3 layers to this block and they all affect the position and suroundings of the impeller. JJ than said I can warrenty it, but there is no Advanced RMA, and I guess I'll have to wait till after the compitition to do so.


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                        The Rad Set Up

                        So my first thought was to put the 140 rad installed in the center piece hooked into it's only peltier cold loop to provide a chilly ambient tempurature. That way if the water did get to be to great in a temperater delta that my pipes and block wouldn't condinsate.
                        Now my idea has turned since idle testing at 25C one peltier was able to get the loop to 14C which is cold, but in my household dehumidified I don't feel like condisation is going to be a issue, so now I'll just have the second peltier tied in with the main loop but on it's own pump, and i'll use it to maintain cool water temperatures under full load, hopefully keeping it around idle temps.

                        So now here's my Rad set up, since the 560 and 140 are in parallel, the 140 will get more water flow due to rad head pressure, but I did test and the 560 dose flow water still, thease two rads are to keep the peltier hot side cool with minimal to no fan. Yet when the fans are running they will be exhaust, in pull config.
                        The 420 rad is now questionable, I would like to pipe it into the cold side of the peliter in parallel with the CPU blocks, but be disconected by ball valves, using it as a backup incase disater ever strikes. Or i'll use the 420 rad as a intake push config and still keep it in parallel to test and see how the 2 400watts would keep up and then cool ambient temps. Or my other option which I feel all of thease may be future, is to include a 3rd peltier setup.

                        Rad pitures to soon follow

                        Corsair Fans don't like to be in pull config, so i had to revers the feet, but they notch the plastic n put a nub in the rubber...

                        but there's always a knife


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                          Sweet update.
                          Very cool build, loving it.
                          Blue Dragon CM690 II an i7 - 960 x58 build
                          OverKill HTPC - Red Team Build an AMD FX6100 with dual HD 5870's in crossfire.


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                            Looks great would like to see some crisper photos tho bud.
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                              Crazy thermals and Thermodynamics is definitely something I dont know sweet F all about... but all I do know is this may very well be the craziest cooling I have ever seen created.
                              100% jealous of just how much stuff you have to try this level of awesome.