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Thread: Which way to go...

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    Which way to go...

    I am dealing with a bit of a bizzare case problem which is forcing me to resolve the issue in a way im not exactly comfortable with.

    The cable for the power cored routes inside the case. To buy another PSU like this is almost impossible.

    My plan is to take the power connector from the old PSU and attach it to the new PSU. Here is where there are two approaches I could take.

    1. I could attach the PSU power cable directly to the existing soder points on the newer PSU female connector.
    2. Or, I could desoder the newer PSU positive and negitive leads and just directly soder the wires together skipping the female connector entirely.

    Below is the point I will be soldering to on the newer PSU.

    The other end of the plug for the old PSU.

    Anyways, any suggestions, any concerns (excluding someone plugging in both female ports at the same time)?

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    Hey kabe0, It's hard to tell by looking at your photos. Does the old PSU power cable, that you are holding, have female spade disconnectors on the wires and does the power entry receptacle of your case have blade terminals on it?
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    You could buy another PSU power cable, cut it and solider it to the female port on the case.

    Thats what I would do, if i understand your problem correctly.

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