FAQ 2023 Edition

Can somebody check my order content for mistakes, before (or after) I place it?

We perform a sanity check for every single order we preparing for shipping. If something does not look right from our perspective, the Admin will e-mail you for clarification, and your order goes on hold till you reply.

You may want to make an order note in case your order contains incompatible parts (for instance, parts for two different builds) to avoid delay with your order processing.

If you are still working on your parts list, you are welcome to send us a screenshot of your Shopping Cart for a quick review.

NOTE: Due to limited manpower, we cannot help you with:

  1. To research your GPU compatibility with water cooling blocks. Use EK Watercooling Configurator tool or similar. Configurators are easy to use with GPU images and GPU part numbers to find your match.
  2. To advise you about the suitability of your computer case model to fit certain parts (unless we have used the same case ourselves before). Use a ruler and product description (sizes) to figure things out.

I cancelled Paid order by mistake or changed my mind. What to do?

E-mail customer service with your order # and your order will be reinstated.

If your order already refunded (i.e. has status “REFUNDED”),  you have to make a new order.

What to do if I have an issue with shipped or recieved order?

Use our Service Ticket system for any problems with your DazMode order. You can access your orders from your Account – Order History.

Provide photo evidence when applicable to help us to understand the issue better.

Please, do not e-mail our general mailbox or leave a voice message on the phone for your existing orders. You will be asked to use our service ticket.

Do you combine multiple orders?

Yes, we can.

There is no automated system to detect multiple orders from the same customer, but when we notice duplicate orders,  we pack and ship such orders together in a single package and refund any savings back to customer.

To help our shipping staff to note your secondary order: the best is to make an Order Note with the request to combine your order X with previous order Y.

If no comment is made, we will still make an manual effort every morning to look for orders to combine by sorting by customer name.

Do you ship order as single or multiple shipments?

We ship everything in one box from one location. We rarely have to split orders into multiple boxes (due to size or weight limitations).

We have a No Back Orders policy, and your entire parts list must be in your shipment. Please inspect the box carefully; sometimes, smaller packages get lost in our Biodegradable shipping peanuts or under flaps.

If you would miss any parts in your order, open a Service Ticket from your order history, and we will look into the possible mistake.

Can I come and order parts in person from warehouse?

No, all orders made online exclusively.

We are not interested in maintaining a retail store. Please respect our choice.

Is store currency Canadian or US Dollars?

All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

How do I know if my package was shipped?

When your order ships; you will receive an e-mail notification.

You also can review your order status in your Order History under “My Account”.

Can I add product(s) to an already placed order?

No, unfortunately, we cannot add any items to already paid orders, because it breaks Inventory Management and Accounting systems. Please, make a new order for any additional products you may need.

We can, however, when time permits, ship your multiple orders together in a single package and refund any shipping savings back to you.

To help our shipping department to identify your secondary order, please make an Order Note with the request to combine your order with previous order #xxxxx. Please, do not phone, e-mail customer service or open Service Ticket on top of your Order Note request (shipping department cannot see emails and tickets).

Alternatively, you can cancel your order (and make a new order), but this method is not advisable, as you will receive an unpaid strike on your account and some products may be locked in your cancelled order and not showing in the store any longer, so you will be stuck anyway.

You will know that orders have been combined successfully by the same tracking number on both orders.

Please note, that we process refunds once or twice a week, please refrain from sending us e-mails with demands of immediate refund.

To avoid all the hassle above, we ask our customers to double-check the order list carefully.

How can I remove item from already paid order?

We accept requests for removing items from paid but not yet shipped orders. If your order status indicates  “shipped,” it is too late to change.

The request must be in writing by e-mail or Service Ticket (please do not spam us with multiple requests). Alternatively, you may cancel the order from your order history, but indicate in “Reason to Refund”  that you still want to keep the order except for item X.

This benefit is provided at no charge at our “best effort”.

Please note that we process refunds once or twice a week; please refrain from sending us e-mails demanding immediate refunds.

How fast do you ship?

Orders shipped within 48h (or less) Monday-Friday excluding Canadian Holidays and pre-announced Store Closure dates posted on the checkout page.

Custom services and build-to-order product may delay your order because somebody needs to make such work for you.

We always make an effort to ship orders as fast as we can.  And anybody who deals with us before knows that we work fast.

Can I pickup my order?

No, all orders are made online exclusively.

We are not interested in maintaining a retail store. Please respect our choice.

From which country do you ship and what do you charge for shipping ?

All customer orders are shipped from Ontario, Canada.

The shipping costs are calculated from the weight and dimensions of the items in your order (or shopping cart) pulled from our commercial accounts with Canada Post, FedEx and UPS.

Do you ship order as single or multiple shipments?

We ship everything in one box from one location. It is extremely rare we have to split parts into multiple boxes (due to size or weight limitations).

We have No Back Orders policy, and your entire parts list must be in your shipment. Please inspect box carefully, sometimes smaller packages get lost in our Biodegradable shipping peanuts or under box flaps. Please check before raising an alarm!

If you would really miss any parts in your order, open Service Ticket from your order history and we will look into the possible, rare mistake. Verification is straight forward, missed items always show as extra stock.

How can I track my order ?

You can find your order tracking data in email shipping confirmation and from your Order History (My Account — Order History — Order#).

Do you ship to USA and Internationally?

USA – Yes, we ship to the USA and we have many happy customers from the USA

International – No,  we do not ship outside of Canada and USA.

Is your packaging enviromentally friendly?

In fact, yes! We use bio-degradable shipping peanuts that can be washed down to drain, composted or scraped with food.  Carton boxes are fully recyclable.

Occasionally we reuse less environmentally friendly material that we receive from our suppliers, such as plastic bubble wrap, etc.

We recycle all the excessive cartons and plastics we accumulate in the office.

Interac Payment instructions

When you select Interac e-transfer at checkout, your order will be set automatically to “Awaiting Payment”. Please, proceed to your Web-banking and send a payment for your order total to payee  [email protected]

Please, do not change the amount and send exactly your order total. We set it for auto-deposit, so e-mailing us with a password is not required unless you are in Quebec. Receiving company is NewAngle Technologies Inc., the owner of the DazMode trademark.

As there is no direct integration with Interac, the DazMode site administrator will change your order status to “paid” at the earliest opportunity. Do not worry; we will see your payment, and we will know what order it is intended for.

What Credit Cards accepted at your store?


Customers pay with PayPal, that allows of use most major Credit Cards.

Is there any way to split payment between two options in the same order?

No, the payment splitting is not supported. A single source of payment is required.

Five reasons DazMode is the Best!

Here is five prinsiples we live upon:

  • ONLY REAL STOCK – We offer products that we have in stock. No backorders or other funny business with cross shipping.
  • FAST SHIPPING – Your order shipped in two business days or faster. Half of the customer orders shipped the same day.
  • THE BEST PRODUCTS – We offer the best-performing products and brand names and routinely weed out problematic individual products and vendors with issues.
  • FRIENDLY COMMUNITY – You can get real help from superstar modders on the DazMode forum and see hundreds of build logs to motivate and inspire your build.
  • REVIEWS AND TUTORIALS – Our YouTube education channel is fun and easy to learn with. Over 400 videos to watch and enjoy.

What are Reward Points for?

Rewards point promotional program by  DazMode that is adjusted from time to time.

With every paid and shipped order, you earn Reward Points that are used as a cash discount on any subsequent purchase within a year.   We do not limit the number of points you can redeem with your next purchase.

You also can earn Extra Free Points by participating in various promotional programs, such as writing helpful Product Reviews,  reaching certain order minimums and being a loyal customer.

Based on previous order history, customers can reach higher levels of Reward Points benefits.

You must register a store account to receive, track and redeem your points. Redeemed points are not restored in case of returns or order cancellation.  Points expire in 1 year from your purchase.

Will you sponsor me?

While we also think it is cool when somebody pays for your hobby, that won’t be us who pays for yours.

Can I return products?

We have limited 30 days return policy with a restocking fee.

  • All requests are submitted through DazMode’s Ticket System.
  • A return authorization confirmation is required for all returns.
  • The UNUSED, ORIGINAL SEAL PACKAGED merchandise, unless otherwise indicated, may be returned within 30 days from the original purchase date for a partial refund. Customer agrees to pay 15% restocking fee for any returned merchandise.
  • The customer agrees that USED AND/OR OPEN BOX WATERCOOLING EQUIPMENT is not returnable and are not refundable;
  • Cut-to-order  products such as tubing (hose), cable, sleeving, wire terminals, etc. are not returnable or refundable;
  • All Cooling Liquids are not returnable or refundable;
  • Refunds exclude original shipping;
  • The customer is solely responsible for shipping of any returned products, including any additional shipping charges to DazMode. Customer agrees to use only reputable carriers capable of providing proof of delivery and insurance for the entire value of the shipment. Customer agrees to bear all shipping charges and all risk of loss for the returned product during shipment.

What is products warranty?

We provide a limited 30-day DazMode warranty on all products.

After 30 days from your order purchase date, you may be entitled to Manufacturer’s Warranty and need to contact the manufacturer directly.

DazMode can assist customers with submitting Manufacturer Warranty claims for the following brands :

  • Alphacool
  • Aquacomputer
  • Bitspower
  • DarkSide
  • DazMode
  • EKWB
  • Xylem/Lowara (a.k.a Laing, a.k.a. Thermaltech)
  • Watercool

Can you make a list of all parts I need for my build?

The short answer is “No”.

The long answer is that there are too many variations and moving parts to make an accurate list for the custom project, which overall is quite a time commitment that we cannot afford.

The other reason is political, if you will. We are a store for D.IY. Hobbyists and understanding the hobby is part of the process that every modder should endure.  Consumers who are unwilling to learn should buy a pre-built system or hire a real moder.

To help you start more efficiently than just Google about watercooling, we have a great forum with many experienced modders who can give you tips; we also have a DazMode YouTube channel with over 400 videos, many of which are tutorials on various water cooling subjects, including our Complete Watercooling Guide Series.

Willing makes the best builds! Laziness makes failures.

Do you provide custom cable sleeving services?

We provide an excellent variety of sleeving and modding products for customer projects, but we do not perform and sell sleeving services.

Are you making custom cables?

Sorry, we don’t make one-off custom cables.

Can you build computer for me?

Generally speaking, we don’t build customer systems, but there some exception ones or twice a year.

See here: LINK

Do you sell Aluminium watercooling parts?

We sell only copper and copper alloy products in our store. There is no aluminum watercoling gear in our store.