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MODell XPS by Grinder (2018)


Asus X99-A II
4x4GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2666
Corsair RM1000i Gold certified PSU
2X XFX R9 390X 8GB
Samsung 250GB 850 EVO
3TB Seagate 7200RPM HDD


2x Antec Big Boy 200mm
5x XSPC Xinruilian 120mm
Phobya G.Changer V2 480
EK XTX120 Coolstream
EK Supremacy EVO full nickel
EK D5 X-RES Top 100 CSQ
2X Swiftech MCW82 universal GPU blocks
BP 1/2 ID fittings
Darkside angled fittings and pump mount
Primochill Advanced LRT tubing (red)
XSPC rad brackets

Materials et cetera:

2007 Dell XPS 720 BTX case
beat up 2011 Antec 900 (source of a 200mm Antec Big Boy fan, mobo tray and back plate, sheet metal for fan mounts/shrouds)
Kenmore washer/dryer sheet metal panel
Sheet metal left over from window kit installation on Fractal Design Define XL R2 side panel
Fractal Design expansion slot covers
miscellaneous thumbscrews (not even sure which case these came from anymore!), self tapping screws, hex head bolts, washers
RC model aircraft prop hubs
roll of mesh filter material and some magnetic tape
spare Rosewill Blackhawk case top (source of control panel)
Darkside PSU extensions (UV Red) and closed cable combs
RUST-OLEUM spray paint

Here are links to a nice shot of a turbine,…RollsRoyce.jpg

and some rectangular aircraft intakes (for example the F15, F14, and Concorde) that remind me of the XPS 720.…-9032T-169.JPG…ard_engine.JPG…Concorde_8.jpg

Also, the way the B-52 engines are in pairs in a nacelle seems similar to what I plan, despite not being rectangular.…ss_Engines.jpg

EDIT: Here is a list of the mods done and tools used so far, I’ll try to keep it up to date.


BTX to ATX (adapt donor mobo tray and backplate to the XPS 720)
Radiator/structural support
Shrouds to create spaces to run cables
Allow use of 5V lights with 12V Aura header
Drain for main rad in bottom of case
Danger Jet Intake decals
Adapt Rosewill control panel to case
The jet engine intake and exhaust mods are in progress.

Tools used:

Dremel (well, a cheap knock off)
compound miter saw
angle grinder
step drill bit (and of course various regular bits)
tin snips
box cutter
bench vise
cable sleeving tool, and a staple lol
couple of files
sanding block and sandpaper