MaxGuide 6-Channel Dual-bay Fan/Pump VFD-controller (36w/ch)

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Phobya fan or pump control with discreet design and extensive functionality!

Depending on how you use your computer there is always time where you need extra cooling for gaming or less noise when watching a movie.  This is where Phobya fan controllers come in to play,with an unbeatable price compared to similar units Phobya leaves the competition behindwith the introduction of the MaxGuide 6 DualBay Fan / Pump VFD controller. But as the name suggests can control not only fans but also pumps. Many pumps are just too loud despite good decoupling the MaxGuide 6 is able to throttle the pump without significantly losing its cooling capacity.

The display with a size of 8.5 x 4.8 cm illuminated in green digits and can be seen very clearly from all angles. In addition, the supplied temperature sensors can be put anywhere in the case and can be well read from all angles on the green display.

But at “six“ it’s not over: Through the high output power per channel of 36 watts more fans can be connected via a Y cable.

The front is in classic black Aluminium as well as the knobs. These fit wonderfully on the most popular case color. In 2x 5.25 “drive bay the controller fits perfectly to almost every famous tower design. The voltage options arefrom “Off” and from 5 – 12V the complete fan speed range is covered. The entire power supply is via a 4-pin Molex connector from the power supply. Using 50cm long enclosed 3 pin extensions (also compatible PWM fan) the fan can be connected. Small adhesive pads are included so that there are no restrictions on the placement of the included temperature sensors.

For more features, the memory card slots provide which are also placed easily accessible in the front. Memory cards from the following types are supported: CF, SD, Micro SD, MMC, MS, M2 and TF. Be connected to them via a 60cm long internal USB 2.0 cable. Also for sticks or external hard drives there is a USB 3.0 port in the lower right corner.

Technical Data:
Material: Aluminum
Color: black
Dimensions: 148.5 x 84.2 x 82mm (DualBay)
Demension display: 85 x 84mm
Output voltage: 5-12V
Maximum power output per channel: 36W
Fan channels: Up to 6 x
Temperature sensors: up to 6 possible
Types of memory cards: CF, SD, Micro SD, MMC, MS, M2 and TF

Scope of delivery:
1x Phobya MaxGuide 6 Dualbay Fan/Pump VFD-Controller
1x 70cm USB 3.0 intern cable
1x 60cm USB 2.0 intern cable
6x 50cm extension 3Pin Molex cable
6x 60cm temperature sensors
4x mounting screws
6x adhesive pads for temperature sensors

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