20″ (50cm) XL LED Light – Green

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  • Brand: DarkSide

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LED Light Bar is low energy light, that plugs directly to PSU 12V Molex connector and does not require power inverter.

Bar has high density LED count  packaged in acrylic tube with self-adhesive tape at its corners.

LED bar is used similar to traditional CCFL light, but has slightly different lightning properties which user needs to be aware of.  While CCFL bulbs radiate light into all directions around itself, LED chips beam light in approximately 170 degree angle lik flashlight.  Therefore LED bar is better suited as spot light, not as ambient light.

LED Bar Advantages over CCFL

·         No need for power inverter, plugs directly to 12V power source.

·         Stronger light source, then CCFL bulb.

·         Lower energy consumption

·         Focused beam of light

LED Bar disadvantages vs. CCFL

·         Unidirectional light source is not as perfect for ambient light usage as CCFL

·         Higher cost

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