12″ ( 30cm ) Dimmable Rigid LED Strip V2 – GREEN – FIXED 3P CABLE

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The DarkSide Dimmable 20cm LED Strip is designed as a proper modding light. This compact strip has a big punch with a high density of  ultra-bright, but dimmable LEDs, DarkSide Jet Black HD sleeving and even black PCB.
These can be used to replace regular cathode lighting and require no power inverter. Light can directly connected to fan controller or PSU.

The dimmable nature of these make them ideal for modders looking for custom effect lighting.

Version 2 features reinforced aluminum PCB in black,  single sleeve power cable design and more efficient electronic components with lower wattage, but yet more superb heat dissipation to run super cool.

Hardware Specification:

·         Reinforced Aluminum PCB

·         LED Module count : 27 units

·         Power Connector: 3-pin fan (Molex KK)

·         Input Voltage: 12V DC

·         Wattage: 2.5W

·         Light output power: 149 LM

·         LED Color: Green

Other Features:

·         Fully Dimmable

·         Cut-able to a shorter length

·         HD Sleeved Cable, 15” (40cm)

·         Stealth Black Design

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