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Splitter for RGBpx illumination control with external power supply.

This splitter can be used to connect up to 12 RGBpx/ARGB components to a single RGBpx or ARGB output. All twelve outputs are connected in parallel, meaning all connected components are controlled identically. In order to protect the connected RGBpx or ARGB controller from overload due to a high number of connected LEDs, power for all outputs is supplied through a SATA power connector. The digital RGB control signal is amplified for reliable operation of the connected components.

Input signal
The digital RGB input can either be supplied though a RGBpx header or a typical motherboard ARGB header. A suitable RGBpx cable as well as an adapter compatible to various motherboards and ARGB controllers is included in delivery.

In total, twelve outputs are available. All outputs can be used simultaneously:
– four RGBpx headers
– four motherboard type ARGB headers
– four headers for ARGB lighting of fans made by manufacturer Corsair (series QL, LL, HD, ML)

The maximum combined current of all connected LEDs must not exceed 4.5 Amps. This is the maximum specified current at 5 Volts for SATA power plugs. Current consumption of ARGB products varies depending on LED types and currently emitted color. As a rule of thumb, the total count of connected LEDs should not exceed 200.

Scope of delivery:
RGBpx Splitty12 board
RGBpx connection cable, ca. 50 cm
RGBpx adapter for motherboard header
Self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastening strip
Mounting material

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