Billy Brown’s Universal Dual Ended ATX Pin Removal Tool

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This dual sided ATX/Fan Pin Removal tool comes with a nifty anti-stab plastic handle that makes this tool both easy and safe to use.

ATX Pin Removal Instructions: Simply Insert the dual pronged end of the tool around the outside of the offending Male or Female ATX pin and push gently until you hear a soft click. The undamaged pin and wire should easily slip out of the connector’s port and can be re-used. If for whatever reason the ATX Pin’s small metal tabs bend to unnatural angles in the pin removal process, you can gently bend them back using the dual pronged side of this tool or carefully use the tip of a hobby knife blade.

Fan Pin Removal Instructions: Insert the single pronged end of the tool into the pin slot on the male or female fan pin connector and push gently against the metal tabs that keep the pins in place. The undamaged pin and connector should easily fall out for further use. Should the fan pin’s metal tabs be bent after de-pinning, you can bend them back with the dual pronged ATX side of the tool or you can carefully bend them back with the tip of a hobby knife.

Warning: This tool is not a toy. Please be aware that this tool is sharp and has no problem potentially stabbing into your skin or other tender parts of your body.

Hand made in USA.

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