EK-Loop Connect – Temperature Plug Sensor

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Attention: This sensor is for Ek-Loop Connect Controller.

EK-Loop Connect – Temperature Plug Sensor is an NTC (negative temperature coefficient) coolant temperature sensor. It allows users to get a precise coolant temperature measurement and to fine-tune the radiator fan speed for an optimal balance between acoustics and performance.

The coolant temperature data can also be used to set up an emergency shutdown procedure if the temperature gets too high, preventing overheating of the system and possible malfunctions.


The body of the temperature sensor plug is made of CNC machined brass with a high-quality Nickel finish, while the seal is made with a quality EPDM rubber O-ring. The G1/4 thread and low installment height allow for easy installation in any unused port in the custom liquid cooling loop. It can be connected to the EK-Loop Connect control hub or a motherboard temperature sensor connector.


Technical Specifications:

– Finish: Nickel
– The outer diameter: 16.5mm
– Installed height: 8mm
– Thread: G1/4”, 4.5mm male thread length
– O-ring material: EPDM 50
– Temperature probe type: NTC, 10KΩ at 25°C
– Temperature sensing range: 0°C to 90°C
– Connector: 2-pin
– Cable length: 500mm

Made in China

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