Hard Tube D-RGB Starter (Base) Kit – 12mm, Rev 3

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This starter kit was created from our customer’s feedback and recommendations.

DarkSide rigid (hard) tube starter kit is Foundation for creating a Hard Tube Watercooled System. It allows our customers to use their existing (or purchased separately) waterblocks, radiators and fans.

This kit features a default Laing DDC 3.2pump with PWM speed control. This pump will be sufficient for a full range of custom loop setups from simple CPU only loop to multi-radiator /multi-block Uber setups. For extra performance kick, but at the expense of extra noise, you can select DDC 3.25 pump.  For simple setups with 1-2 waterblocks a low power DDC 3.1 can be used, which can be (after connector modification or with adapter cable)  connected to a motherboard fan header.  Commonly asked question: “what is blue wire off the pump for?” The Blue wire is a tachometer sensor that reports pump RPM (speed); it can be connected to any motherboard fan header to see pump speed in buis or other software.

Revision 3 (what is new):

In this revision features DDC pump-top/reservoir combo with build in 5v DC Digital-RGB LED light. Anti-vortex fitting was added to the bottom of the reservoir (pump intake).  The deburring tool was added due to popular request.

Recommended set of tools (not included in this starter kit) for your project:

Couple useful video tutorials:

Delivery Specification:

  • 1x Integrated Reservoir and Laing DDC Pump-Top Combo with D-RGB  (Total Assembly Height: ~190mm)
  • D-RGB micro-controller for 5v D-RGB Lights.
  • Mounting hardware (pre-installed L-brackets and optional reservoir clamps)
  • 1x DarkSide Stop Plug (DS-0505)
  • 1x Anti-cylon fitting
  • 4x CLEAR PETG 12/8mm Hard tube 500mm (2m total) (DS-0583)
  • 1x Basic 12mm Mandrel Kit for tube bending (DS-0570)
  • 1x Deburring Tool (DS-0504)
  • 1x 8mm flexible cord for tube bending (Length: 1m) (DS-0568)
  • 6x DarkSide Hard Tube Fittings for 12mm OD Tube (DS-0538)

ATTENTION: Every kit individually prepared and pressure tested for each customer, therefore your order shipping may be delayed to allow preparation and test.

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