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Alphacool Core 1 Aurora White aRGB CPU Block AM4/AM5/LGA1700

Alphacool Core 1 Aurora White aRGB CPU Block AM4/AM5/LGA1700

Manufacturer: Alphacool

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4 in stock


Alphacool presents the Core 1, a new generation of CPU water cooling. The latest desktop processors are continuously becoming more powerful, but also produce more and more waste heat. The Core 1 reliably solves this problem with the help of its entirely new 3D-Jetplate, which is also used in industrial applications. The all-metal CPU water cooler not only impresses with its elegant appearance, but also features a new mounting system that simplifies installation.

The best of new and old
Alphacool brings the best of both worlds together with the Core 1. In addition to the new 3D-Jetplate, Alphacool returns to its roots by using a proven cross-slot technique to distribute coolant evenly across the redesigned cooler base. Inside the cooler, O-rings ensure precise water flow for effective cooling. The Core 1’s housing is machined from a high-quality brass block and features nickel-plated connectors. The cooler’s copper base, also nickel-plated, has been enlarged to ensure full coverage of large CPUs.

New Mounting System
The mounting system has also been revised. Compared to previous Alphacool models, it requires fewer screws. First, the pre-assembly of the backplate (Intel) is done with four spacers. After that, the thermal paste is applied to the CPU. Then, the matching mounting frame is put on the CPU cooler and fastened with four nuts on the spacers.

Core Design
The functional and elegant design is a key element of Alphacool’s Core series. The nickel-plated connectors and the discreet contour line stand out from the high-quality brass housing. The rounded corners add the perfect touch to the overall look. The Core 1 is available in various color designs, as well as in discreetly illuminated aRGB Aurora models.


Intel: LGA 1700
AMD: AM4 / AM5

Technical data
Dimensions (L x W x H) 72 x 72 x 26,50mm
Material cooler nickel plated copper
Material cooler top Brass
Material threads nickel plated Brass
Threads 2 x G1/4“
Power supply Digital RGB 3-Pin 5V
Quantity digital aRGB LEDs 18
Fin thickness 0,4mm
Fin distance 0,4mm
Pressure tested 0,8 bar
Max working temperature 60°C
Weight 500g
Color white

Warranty: 5 years
Warranty Terms

Note on application
Please use only in conjunction with clear transparent water cooling fluids. The particles and additives in Solid/Pastel liquids can clog and permanently damage water cooling products such as radiators, pumps, coolers and hoses. This can result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty as well.

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