Aquacomputer cuplex XT A64 Socket AM2/F/754/939/940 G1/8

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Attention: Block has old G1/8 Threads. Such fittings are hard to find, but we include 2 barbs for 3/8″ tubing.  
High-end watercooler of the newest generation manufactured in nozzle-cooling technology. The bottom is made out of highly pure copper and has an optimized pin structure for a better heat transfer. Additionally the bottom is stiffened via beams so that an optimal fit on the CPU is attained.
Accelerated via nozzles made from matt chromed brass with long guideways in the center section, the water is led onto the pins of the copper bottom. The water then flows off in all directions and is supplied to the outflow again via backflow canal in the center section. The connection threads in the bluish colored plexiglass are manufactured in G 1/8″.

This cooler has an outstanding cooling capacity which beats the cooling capacity of the cuplex and the cuplex evo. The cooler is planned for the use with pumps of the type aquastream and 1046, more powerful pumps aren’t needed and only effect a slight advancement of the cooling capacity.

Suitable for Socket AM2, 754, 939, 940 and Socket F (Athlon64/Sempron/Opteron).

included in delivery:
block (no fittings)
mounting hardware


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