EK-CryoFuel Loop Cleaner + Superflush (Concentrate 250mL)

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EKWB 24th Company Anniversary Special


EK-CryoFuel Loop Cleaner + Superflush is a safe and reliable loop-cleaning and flushing kit. It has been developed to clean your used custom water cooling loop or prepare a new one, leaving it free of any impurities or manufacturing residues. It consists of two items, of which both are concentrates and require dilution with distilled water before use.

EK-Cryofuel Loop Cleaner

This is a liquid cooling system and radiator cleaner. The purpose of the EK-Cryofuel Loop Cleaner is to clean your existing loop before pouring in new coolant or to prepare a new, unused custom loop fully. It removes any manufacturing residues, impurities, and old coolant stains. This is not a stand-alone product as it requires a subsequent use of the Superflush solution to pick up any residue from the cleaner and ensure maximum stability of your new coolant. It can improve the performance of your water cooling system.

EK-CryoFuel Loop Cleaner

EK-Cryofuel Loop Cleaner comes as a concentrate in a 250ml bottle and should be mixed with 1250ml (1:5 ratio) of distilled water before use. It is poured into an empty water-cooling system and left to circulate from 2 to 24 hours. This solution does not act as a corrosive inhibitor or biocide for coolants. It should not be left in the system for periods significantly longer than suggested.

Compatible with all EK soft and hard tubing.

EK-Cryofuel Loop Superflush

This is a solution made to flush out manufacturing residues, impurities, and leftover chemicals. It can be used either as a stand-alone solution or after the EK-CryoFuel Loop Cleaner.

EK-CryoFuel Loop Superflush

After using EK-CryoFuel Loop Cleaner to clean gunk and old coolant, Superflush is used to pick up and rinse any residue chemicals left from the Cleaner.

The concentrate is to be mixed with approximately 2750ml of distilled water (1:11 ratio). This solution does not act as a corrosive inhibitor or biocide for coolants. Compatible with all EK soft and hard tubing.


  • If you’re going from one colored coolant to another color, you need to first flush your loop with distilled water before using the EK-CryoFuel Loop Cleaner

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