EK-Loop Heat Gun 1500W – US Plug

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The EK-Loop Heat Gun was carefully crafted to help you achieve even heating and artistic tube bending. It is an ideal addition to any water-cooling enthusiast looking to perfect their tube bending skills. It is well suited for heating up and bending acrylic and PETG tubing thanks to its variable heat output.

The heat guns case is made out of durable and lightweight plastic with rubber inserts for a comfortable grip. The back of the heat gun and handle are flattened to allow for vertical positioning of the air nozzle. The powerful heater core and fan can quickly deliver up to 500 l/min (18 CFM) of 60-600°C air. It features two power and airflow settings. The first setting with a gentler temperature curve and airflow, topping out at 350°C, and the second with maximum airflow and 600°C air temperature.

The heat gun is equipped with a digital display, with colored temperature increments, and two buttons for fine adjustment of the air temperature. The air temperature can be adjusted in 30°C increments for the low power setting, and 55°C for the high-power setting.

The EK-Loop Heat Gun is the perfect companion for a hassle-free tube bending. Reading the manual minimizes risks of injury and overheated tubing. To achieve more consistent bends, the heat gun is best paired with an appropriately size EK-Loop Modulus hard tube bending tool.


Technical specifications:

– Voltage: 120 V~
– Frequency: 60 Hz
– Operational modes: 2 (I and II)
– Noise level: 70 dB
– Rated power: 250 W (I) and 1500W (II)
– Output air temperature: 60-350°C (I mode, 140-572°F) and 60-600°C (II mode, 140-932°F)
– Air flow: 300 l/min (I mode, 11 cfm) and 500 l/min (II mode, 18 cfm)
– Protection class: II/Double insulated
– Case material: Plastic and rubber
– Cable length: 2000 mm ± 20 mm


– Heat gun
– Instruction manual

Made in China

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