EK-Loop Metal Tube 14mm 0.8m Pre-Bent 90° – Black (2pcs)

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EK-Loop Metal Tube 14mm 0.8m Pre-Bent 90° – Black (2pcs) is a pack of two 0.8-meter-long metal tubes with an outer diameter (OD) of 14mm and a 90-degree bend from the factory. These pre-bent brass tubes come with 90-degree bends, which is the most often used bend angle in PC water cooling. These brass tubes are perfect for builds utilizing straight runs from the components to an EK-Quantum Reflection distribution plate.

EK brass metal tubing for PC watercooling

The metal tube can be cut to size using a tube-cutting tool. Bending metal tubes is not easy, so EK offers these pre-bent tubes with a 90-degree bend.


These brass tubes are only compatible with hard tubing fittings. EK recommends EK-Quantum Torque HDC series fittings. These tubes come in packs of two tubes 800mm long.


Made of brass with a satin black finish.

Technical Specification:

– Material: brass
– Finish: Black
– Diameter: 14mm
– Total length: 800mm
– Lenght per axis: 550x250mm
– Compatible fittings: EK-Quantum Torque HDC 14

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