EK-Quantum Torque Micro Extender Static MM 7 – Black

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EK-Quantum Torque Micro Extender Static MM 7 – Black is a premium male-threaded extender interconnect with male threads on both ends. It is used for connecting two water cooling components which both have female G1/4 threads. This extender is especially useful in situations where the port spacing is too low, or due to clearance issues.

This is not a revolvable extender.

Made from CNC machined brass with a Satin Black finish. Sealed with quality EPDM O-rings.

These static extenders can be either tightened by hand or by using EK-Loop Multi Allen Key / Allen Key 9mm (not included, available for separate purchase).

Technical data:
Threading: 2 x G1/4″ (Male – Male)
Thread length: 4.5mm
Diameter: 16.5mm
Height: 7mm

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