Hard Tube Straight Fitting 10/12mm – White

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  • Brand: DarkSide

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Product Description

Straight fitting for 12mm OD Rigid Tube.


  • Thread : G1/4″
  • Color: White
  • Thread Length : 5MM

1 review for Hard Tube Straight Fitting 10/12mm – White

  1. Joe VandenBerg (verified owner)

    Have 20 of these 12mm OD Darkside White fittings. The finish on them is excellent, they look spectacular. When using 12mm OD Bitspower PETG and EK 10/12mm PETG, I found that I had to significantly sand down the tubing to fit. When using digital calipers I found 10 fittings at 11.72mm max diameter, 8 at 11.91mm and 2 at 12.01mm. The O-Rings seems to be fine and are pliable enough to use without fear of ripping. Overall not bad fittings.

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