10mm Dual Connecting Spacer Adapter Male/Male – Blood Red

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  • Brand: Bitspower

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The is a G 1/4″ threaded male to male fitting. Uses an O-Ring to seal. Large ID bore for high flow and lower pressure drop compared to other fittings. This is perfect for use with Delrin T’s and L’s. It will screw in to the available port. Using a Delrin 90 degree L an one of these fittings plus one regular barb is perfect for use the lower PCI Express video card in SLI. This keeps the barb from hitting the floor of the case or lower mounted PSU by quickly changing the flow in a 90 degree manner. Learn the name; Bitspower Premium water cooling products!  Now in great looking deep blood red finish.


  • Special Design for PC Water Cooling
  • Perfect Surface treatment
  • TRUE Hi-Flow
  • Hidden O-Ring Design


  • Material : Hi Quality Brass with Deep Blood Red Finish
  • Thread : G1/4″

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