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EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX D-RGB – AMD Radeon Edition

EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX D-RGB – AMD Radeon Edition

Manufacturer: EKWB

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The EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX AMD Radeon Edition is a special Vector GPU water block from the EK® Quantum Line made to celebrate the launch of the latest graphics cards based on the AMD® RDNA3™ architecture. The water block is available in limited quantities.

This water block fits reference PCB designs of the Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPUs. For a precise compatibility match of this water block, we recommend you refer to the EK Cooling Configurator.

EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX AMD Radeon Edition

This AMD Radeon Edition Vector² water block effortlessly solves the issue of excessive heat generation during high load on the GPU. The water block cools the graphics compute die, voltage regulation module, voltage controllers, the VRAM, and the MCDs on the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphic card.

The new Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPUs have GCD that is manufactured in a cutting edge 5nm process, allowing 54% improvement of performance per watt. While the GPU is efficient, it does still use more power than the previous generation. At 355W total board power that is packed in a smaller package than ever, with 300mm² GCD that contains 165% more transistors per mm² than the previous generation. Overall these GPUs feature 58 billion transistors for 61 TFLOPs of performance.

AMD Radeon Edition

Special effort went into designing and engineering this water block as it features a black anodized aluminum cover with a cast acrylic window revealing the cooling engine. In contrast to other Vector² water blocks, the cooling engine has been rotated by 90°, so the fins are perpendicular to the die, which its optimal for the chiplet design. For optimal delta, the coolant flows over the graphics core die first, and the memory cache die after. Consequently, all MCDs get the same temperature coolant.

EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX AMD Radeon Edition

There are no assembly screws visible on the front side of the water block, which is inspired by the aesthetics of the stock AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX air cooler. This design also allows that there are no screws in the plexi top, and the seal is made by a single main O-ring that is compressed against the acrylic by the cold plate.

The custom-designed black anodized aluminum backplate also imitates the look of the original graphics card using 3D engraved shapes. The backplate acts as additional passive cooling power to components on the back side of the PCB. The backplate also comes with pre-installed captive backplate screws that simplify the installation.

To make the package complete, the water block is delivered with a black single-slot PCIe adapter that can replace the stock two slot plate.

While the water block is made out of several high-grade aluminum pieces, none of them make direct contact with the coolant, so there is no fear of galvanic corrosion.

The cold plate is CNC machined out of pure electrolytic copper that ends up being a 9mm thick nickel-plated piece of art. An acetal terminal is attached directly to it to create a robust assembly.

The package now contains the following:

  • A high-performance GPU water block of the latest generation
  • Premium quality CNC-machined backplate
  • Black Single Slot PCIe adapter
  • Mounting mechanism
  • Thermal paste
  • Thermal pads
  • GPU and PCI power cable release tool

The addressable D-RGB strip with 8 LEDs is laid on the bottom part of the water block, and it’s completely concealed by the aluminum cover, hiding all possible unwanted LED hotspots.

EK-Matrix7 Support – For Easier Loop Assembly and Straight Lines

Even though it’s a tailor-made Special Edition product, it is still an EK-Matrix7 foundation water block. Matrix7 standardizes the dimensions of the products, including the port position and spacing, making liquid cooling loop assembly more intuitive and easier. EK-Quantum Vector² GPU water blocks follow the EK-Matrix7 standard, making them seamlessly integrate with EK-Reflection² distribution plates. This brings perfect alignment of ports in both horizontal and vertical positions, meaning less time used for planning the loop, bending tubes, and the end result will still be an epic build.

GPU water block for Reference AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPUs

EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX AMD Radeon Edition

The EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX D-RGB – AMD Radeon Edition + backplate set is compatible with the following:

  • AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX GPUs with a reference PCB layout

For a precise compatibility match of this water block, we recommend you refer to the EK Cooling Configurator.

New Cooling Engine – For Best Cooling In Every Scenario

The Vector water block actively cools the GCD, VRAM, power stages, inductors, voltage controllers, and MCDs. Passively, through the backplate, the PCB hotspots on the backside of the GPU core, VRAM, and the VRM (voltage regulation module).


The implemented Vector² cooling engine uses a novel 3D machined acrylic insert to improve flow distribution and thermal performance. This new cooling engine is based on an Open Split-Flow design, but the asymmetric shape of the jet insert helps distribute an even flow between the first and last copper fins. The fin structure geometry has been optimized to provide even flow distribution with minimal losses and optimal performances even when used in reversed water flow scenarios. It is also characterized by low hydraulic flow restriction, meaning it can be used with weaker water pumps or pumps running on low-speed settings and still achieve top performance.

Premium Materials and Clever Engineering for Longevity and Top Performance

The water block uses a thick 9mm copper coldplate with an acetal terminal attached directly to it to create a robust assembly. A single o-ring design is used to create a seal between the cold plate and the water block top, reducing the number of failure points. This simple construction provides confidence during customization and maintenance. Tactile magnetic covers are used to conceal the terminal screws, which allows rotation of the branding when the GPU is inverted in the case.

Included Backplate

For the first time, captive backplate screws are added to the backplate. They simplify installation, ensuring the correct length is always used where it is needed to avoid any user error or second-guessing.

EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX AMD Radeon Edition

The backplate improves the overall aesthetics of your graphics cards and also provides additional passive cooling for the backside of the printed circuit board VRM, core, and VRAM sections.

Rotatable Magnetic Covers

Sleek magnetic covers are used to conceal the terminal screws, which allows rotation of the branding when the GPU water block enclosures are inverted in the case or being used on a vertical GPU mount.

EK-Quantum Vector² RX 7900 XTX AMD Radeon Edition

Addressable D-RGB Compatibility

Addressable D-RGB LED lighting is deployed on the longest edge of the water block for improved uniformity and brightness. The PCB and diodes are concealed inside a clean aluminum extrusion. The individually addressable RGB LED is compatible with popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers. The arrow marking on the 3-pin D-RGB LED connector is to be aligned with the +5V marking on the D-RGB (addressable) header (Pinout: +5V | Data | Blocked | Ground).

EK Vector RGB compatibility


Technical Specification:

– Dimensions (L x H x W): 285 x 134 x 27mm
– D-RGB cable length: 50cm
– D-RGB connector 3-pin 5V digital LED header (Pinout: +5V | Data | Blocked | Ground)

Made in Slovenia – Europe!


  • Due to an immense variety of fittings/barbs available on the market and no prescribed standards, we guarantee compatibility only for connectors bought from our website.
  • Factory backplates are not compatible with this water block!
  • This product should NOT be installed with any aluminum Fluid Gaming parts!
  • The use of specifically engineered coolants that contain corrosion, scale, and biological inhibitors is mandatory to prevent damage to your nickel-plated water block! EK is offering a selection of such products in the coolants section.
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