15ml Mayhems Dye – Purple

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Mayhems Dyes are ideal for creating your own unique colour in your Watercooled system and are renowned as the brightest dyes you can buy.

Mayhems also actively promote mixing their different coloured dyes to come up with even more colour combinations.

Ideally for use with a distilled, deionized or clear premix fluid, Mayhems Dye has also been safely tested for use with any non-alcohol based pre-mixed fluid with no adverse effects.

Please note Mayhems Dye does not contain any biocide so we recommend either a Silver Kill Coil, PT Nuke or similar product.


1.     Clean water cooling loop before use

2.     Fill water cooling loop with cooling fluid

3.     Add the dye 1 drop at a time and let it circulate around the water cooling loop

4.     Check the consistency and add more as necessary

Manufacturer Mayhems Dyes
Colour Purple
Colour (Normal Light) Purple
Colour (UV Light) N/A
Size 10ml
Recommended Replacement Period 9 to 12 Months
Special Features Resealable Dropper Bottle
Brightest Dyes On The Market
Can Be Mixed With Other Colour Mayhem Dyes
Add As Much Or As Little As You Require
Enviromentally and Animal Friendly

Caution : Concentrate Dyes can stain skin as well as wood, metal, clothing, plastics etc.

PLEASE use with caution

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