EK Filling Bottle (1000mL)

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The filling bottle is designed to make your loop filling process much easier. Very convenient for mixing the EK-CryoFuel concentrates with distilled water. The telescopic tube of the filling bottle can reach even the most remote and crammed fill ports. The narrow tube does not require the user to unscrew the entire reservoir cap to fill the loop with coolant, removing the fill port plug is more than enough.

This filling bottle can also be used to suck out coolant from the most remote reservoirs as well. Just squeeze the bottle, insert the tube into the coolant and let the vacuum take care of the rest.


– 1x Filling Bottle (1000mL)

6 reviews for EK Filling Bottle (1000mL)

  1. NeoShogo (verified owner)

    Good quality plastic, makes filling a reservoir so much easier than using a funnel.

  2. Liam Iles (verified owner)

    Made accessing the fill port so much easier. Saved a ton of time over using a funnel.

  3. bumpinthenight (verified owner)

    Handy for mixing the solution and then adding it to the reservoir without playing around with a funnel, very very easy to control exactly how much you are putting in and at what rate.

    Also came in handy to suck some liquid out of a tube before I disconnected it during the fill process.

  4. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Dunno, guess I’m an outlier here compared to the others. I preferred using a funnel. This was nice to mix my fluid in, and top off my res at the end. Wasn’t overly expensive, so a handy tool to have!

  5. dazmin (verified owner)

    It worked better than expected and it is now my preferred way to fill the system. The pointy tip at the end of the filling tube needs to be taken off and goes to garbage. Filling rate surprising good and way faster that funnel.

  6. Theodor Stoev (verified owner)

    Love this thing, can’t find anything like it anywhere else and works so much better than the syringe thing I found at Canadian Tire to fill my loop the first time. Also used it to vacuum out the brake fluid from my reservoir when doing a brake bleed and it worked so well I’m buying two more of these just to have em handy

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