Laing DDC 3.2 PWM 18W Pump

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Original Laing (now Xylem)  DDC 3.2 PWM pump with factory top (3/8 Barbs).  Download DDC User Manual (PDF) or Download DDC Family Specification Brochure (PDF)

This is DDC pump with power management control of rotation speed through the motherboard or dedicated controller.

This pump can be retrofitted with many aftermarket DDC Top products.

Technical Data

Max Head: 17′
Rated voltage: 12 Volt DC
Power consumption: DDC 3.2, 18W (max. 18Watt)
Acceptable media: Water, Water-/Glycol Mixtures (DazMode Protector)**
Max. system pressure: 21.75 PSI
Max. system temperature: 140° F (60c)
Pipe Connections: 3/8″
Laing original model name: DDC-3.25TPPWM4

** check pump performance for mixtures of 20% or more glycol


3 reviews for Laing DDC 3.2 PWM 18W Pump

  1. warplane (verified owner)

    In the watercooling world you have basically 2 choices. D5 or DDC.

    The D5 is bigger, the hole from the pump top is not symetrical (on hole is higher than the other) and it’s making a huming noise.

    The DDC, on the other hand, have a high pitch noise, the hole is symmetrical (both have the same height) and it’s smaller.

    Personally, I tried both of them and I prefer the DDC because it’s smaller.

    both pumps at low speed will be barely noticeable, but I think the DDC is a lot more annoying at full speed (I’m never running my pump at full speed anyway, 25% is enough for me)

    pick your weapon.

  2. dazmin

    Using this pump in the office computer for 5 years, still goes strong!

  3. Informed Nerd (verified owner)

    Using this pump at a low speed, around 20-25% to power my dual 240mm radiator setup in my FormD T1, with two 240 rads in a 9.5L case its a very very tight fit but there is space for this pump and it pushes water like no tomorrow. Very quiet too when running at this speed. 100% would recommend.

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