Laing DDC 3.25 20W Pump w/ TACH sensor (latest revision 4.2F )

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Note: The third generation PCB was discontinued, the current (newest) revision is 4.2F

Original Laing (now Xylem)  DDC 3.25 pump with factory top (3/8 Barbs).  Download DDC User Manual (PDF) or Download DDC Family Specification Brochure (PDF)

This is high-power DDC pump with RPM sensor wire. It beats D5 for head pressure (but not by the flow rate value).

This pump can be retrofitted with many aftermarket DDC Top products.

Technical Data

Max Head: 23′
Rated voltage: 12 Volt DC
Power consumption: 4.2F, 18W (max. 20Watt)
Voltage range: 8 to 13,2 Volt (Minimum startup Voltage 9 Volt!)
Acceptable media: Water, Water-/Glycol Mixtures (Feser One, DazMode Protector)**
Max. system pressure: 21.75 PSI
Max. system temperature: 140° F (60c)
Pipe Connections: 3/8″
Laing original model name: DDC-3.25TPMP, current model name DDC4-HSAETEX



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