DarkSide Single LP140 Extra Slim Radiator

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  • Brand: DarkSide

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DarkSide LP140 is an extreme Low Profile performance computer water-cooling radiator based on the latest radiator core design. Built for 140mm fans, this radiator is optimized for maximum heat dissipation for both low noise and performance fans.

Radiator features the ultra-compact design in two crucial dimensions: radiator thickness and radiator width.  Lowered radiator thickness is essential for compact builds with limited clearance, while reduced radiator’s width minimizes interference with computer components such as memory.

Radiator side panels are tapped with UNC 6-32 threads on both sides to enable push-pull fan installation if desired. Two ports are ready for any G1/4 threaded fitting to be used.

  • Specification: 
    Dimensions: 171x 141 x 27.5mm (L x W x H) Liquid Capacity: ~120mL
    FPI: 17
    Port threads: 2x G1/4
    Copper core, brass tanks/side panels.
    Fan compatibility: any 140x140x25mm fan
  • Enclosed: 
    – Radiator
    – Mounting 6-32 screws


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