EK-CoolStream Classic PE 360

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EK-CoolStream Classic PE 360 medium thickness copper radiators are designed for optimal airflow throughout the radiator surface with low-density fin structure. Built for EK-Vardar 120mm high static pressure fans, these radiators are optimized for maximum heat dissipation at low and medium airflow operations which are most common in consumer scenarios.

EK quality level, best price-performance ratio to date and unique minimalistic design make these EK-CoolStream Classic PE series radiators a perfect choice for any computer water-cooled system. 45mm thick design with low FPI allows for high-performance cooling at low fan speeds due to the thicker core and low restriction making it ideal for users who wish a truly silent system.

This product features two G1/4 threaded ports. EK recommends the use of EK compression fittings.

Technical details:
– Copper fins
– 90% copper tubing (H90)
– Brass chambers
– Steel housing

Dimensions: 393 x 120 x 45mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 1.3kg
Liquid Capacity: ~210mL
FPI: 13
Port threads: 2x G1/4
Fan compatibility: any standard size 120x120x25mm fan; UNC 6-32 thread tapping
Pressure tested: 1bar(g)

– EK-CoolStream Classic SE series radiator
– Phillips Slotted UNC 6-32 screws (l=30mm)
– Phillips Slotted UNC 6-32 screws (l=5mm)

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