Barrowch Boxfish Series Acetal Box Reservoir with OLED Display & D-RGB LED – 200mm

$ 99.99

  • SKU: FBRE1-200P
  • Brand: Barrow

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Barrow box reservoir with liquid temperature meter display for water cooled systems. Power-ups from any fan header set to 12v DC. Female-female power cable is included.


  • Operating Display Voltage: 12v
  • Threading: G1/4 ( eight ports)
  • Size: 200 x 80 x 40 mm


  • Reservoir
  • Velcro Mount, Fem-Fem 3-pin Power cable
  • Manual RGB Controller
  • Does NOT includes any stop plugs!

Recommended accessories:

  • DS-0717 (120mm universal bracket) or DS-0742 (140mm universal bracket),
  • You need 6 (or less) stop plugs to plug un-used ports on this reservoir,
  • You may be interested in Digital RGB controller p/n LED2016H

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