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Alphacool Core Distro Plate 360 Right VPP/D5

Alphacool Core Distro Plate 360 Right VPP/D5

Manufacturer: Alphacool

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2 in stock


Alphacool’s Core Distro Plate is a must-have for any performance-oriented custom water cooling system, as it greatly simplifies the planning, setup as well as maintenance of complex water loops.

Core Design
A core element of Alphacool’s Core Design series are the chrome-plated, brass G1/4″ connectors. With the Core Distro Plate, the ports are recessed instead of screwed into a thread as is usually the case. This allows Alphacool to overcome the problem of potential leakage due to cracking by screwing the connectors directly into the acrylic. The connectors are made of two parts, have an O-ring and counter each other when mounted in the acrylic. This not only ensures absolute leak proofing of each connector, but also allows for the clean and functional look of Alphacool’s Core Design series.

Easy installation
Using the included Core Push Mounting kit, the Distro Plate can be mounted on the case panel or on a radiator. To do this, the metal pins are attached to the radiator or the panel of the PC case and the matching female sockets are attached to the Distro Plate (see manual). The next assembly step is to simply push the Distro Plate onto the pins without the need for any tools. Alphacool’s push-mounting allows for a tight fit of the Distro Plate on the case panel or radiator and allows for easy removal for maintenance or expansion projects.

It has an integrated reservoir as well as a pump top for VPP or D5 pumps and is offered as a 240mm or 360mm variant, each with left or right positioning of the pump top. This makes the Core Distro Plate ideal for custom water loops where CPU and graphics card(s) are to be cooled simultaneously. Due to the arrangement of the G1/4″ connections, complicated tubing paths will be a thing of the past in the future. There is an additional drain port on the side, with which the Distro Plate can be drained easily and comfortably.

High-quality material selection & brilliant illumination
Alphacool’s Core Distro Plate is made of high-quality acrylic. This allows an unobstructed view of the coolant and enables brilliant illumination from the built-in digitally addressable aRGB LEDs. The lighting can be controlled via a digital aRGB header on the mainboard or optionally by Alphacool’s Aurora Eiscontrol aRGB controller (item no.: 15360).


– Can be mounted on the radiator or panel

Technical data Distro Plate
Dimensions (L x W x H) 360 x 125 x 68,80mm
Material acrylic
Volume 309ml
Pump compatibility D5/VPP
Threads 10x G1/4“ inner thread / 1x drain port
Maximum working temperature 60 °C
Pressure tested 0,8 Bar
Quantity of digital aRGB LEDs 18
Power digital aRGB LEDs 5V
Power connector digital aRGB LEDs 3-Pin JST + 3-Pin 5V
Weight 1840g
Color transparent


Note on application
Please use only in conjunction with clear transparent water cooling fluids. The particles and additives in Pastel liquids can clog and permanently damage water cooling products such as radiators, pumps, coolers and hoses. This can result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty as well.

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