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EK-Quantum Reflection² Torrent DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB – Plexi

EK-Quantum Reflection² Torrent DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB – Plexi

Manufacturer: EKWB

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1 in stock


The EK-Quantum Reflection² Torrent DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB – Plexi is a fully integrated water-cooling reservoir, coolant routing, and pump solution made to fit the Fractal Design Torrent case. This Reflection² distribution plate is EK-Matrix7 compatible.

Supported Fractal Design case:

  • Torrent



The EK-Quantum Reflection² Torrent DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB offers multiple industry-standard G1/4″ threaded inlets and outlets. The placement of these inlets and outlets is perfectly aligned to fit in line with the PC components and minimize the number of bends the user has to make to create the perfect hardline loop. The distro plate synergizes well with the EK-Loop Pre-Bent acrylic and metal tubes, further simplifying the loop-building process.


With the installed distro plate, the maximum radiator size is the following:

  • Front: Up to EK-Quantum Surface X360
  • Bottom: Up to EK-Quantum Surface P240


Please note that a multiport version of the EK-Quantum Surface P240 radiator is required to achieve a clean and aesthetically pleasing tube connection with the distribution plate. The Vertical GPU holder is incompatible if the bottom radiator position is populated with the EK-Quantum Surface P240M. A thinner radiator (e.g., EK-Quantum Surface S240) may be utilized to regain compatibility with the vertical GPU holder. However, this will lead to a more complicated and unsightly connection to the distribution plate, and the entire assembly will be limited to narrower GPU PCBs and water blocks.


Engineered to be mounted next to the motherboard, the EK-Quantum Reflection² Torrent DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB can fit elegantly within the Fractal Design Torrent case. The built-in addressable D-RGB LED strip runs down the unit’s entire length while the anodized black aluminum cover hides the unwanted LED hotspots. The installed addressable D-RGB LED strip connects to the motherboard 5V D-RGB (A-RGB) header via an industry-standard connector. It is compatible with all major motherboard vendor software for a coordinated lighting effect.


– Dimensions with the attached pump (W x D x H): 146 x 41 x 333mm
– Reservoir volume: ~234ml
– D-RGB LED count: 18
– D-RGB cable length: 450mm
– D-RGB connector standard 3-pin (+5V, Data, Blocked, Ground)

Technical specifications:
– Motor: Electronically commuted ball bearing motor
– Rated voltage: 12V DC
– Power consumption: 20W
– Maximum head pressure: up to 5.2m
– Maximum flow rate: up to 1000L/h
– Maximum liquid temperature: 60°C
– Materials: Stainless steel, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, Aluminum oxide, hard coal
– Power connector: SATA power and 4-Pin PWM FAN connector for PWM / RPM readout

Operational Regime:
– PWM duty cycle: ~ 20-100%
– Default behavior: Runs at 100% duty cycle when no PWM feedback signal is present

– EK-Quantum Reflection² Torrent DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB – Plexi
– Mounting mechanism and tools
– Metal radiator bracket
– 9x MS – Quantum Plug – Ni (preinstalled)
– 9x EK-Quantum Torque Plug Cover – Black (preinstalled)


  • EK-Matrix7 compatible.
  • The Quantum Reflection² distribution plates are designed around Quantum Torque fittings and EK-Quantum Surface radiators.
  • The DDC 4.2 pump is water lubricated, which means it uses a wet rotor design and is therefore strongly recommended not to run the pump dry.
  • The aluminum oxide mentioned in the materials specification for the DDC 4.2 pump is not exposed to water and is perfectly safe to run in copper/nickel loops.
  • The Vertical GPU holder is incompatible if the bottom radiator position is populated with the EK-Quantum Surface P240M.

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