D5 BARREL185 Reservoir-Top Combo -CLEAR (pump installation optional) SMALL Rev4

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Note: Pump cover in black will have Barrow logo, not DarkSide.

The D5 BARREL is the advanced reservoir and D5 pump combo kit (without D5 pump motor). The package also includes a pump dressing kit  (housing) of selectable color (choose from the drop-down menu above).

This combo can be mounted on either with two plastic reservoir clips or with a small body attachable aluminum mounting bracket if you wish stealth style mount.  It is recommended to mount system with the pump down. Horizontal mount allowed, but not recommended.

The pump top’s body was milled from a solid block of Acrylic. Reservoir’s tube made from extruded acrylic glass.

The top is compatible with a single 5mm LED.

Optional D5 pump installation is available at the cost of added D5 Model (select from extras when desired).

Compatibility note:

  • This combo is optimized for 12mm hardline fittings and angled rotary fittings, use  spacers (included) with larger straight fittings
  • Reservoir tube diameter is 65mm

Package contains:

  • 185m tall reservoir and pump combo assembly for D5 pump form factor motors;
  • Pump motor’s dressing kit of selectable color
  • 2x Darkside Logo Stop plugs;
  • 2x  extender fitting (for oversized fittings compatibility)
  • 2x Reservoir Clips and mounting hardware
  • 1x stealth mounting plate and hardware


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