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Aquacomputer Flow sensor high flow NEXT, G1/4 (one per customer)

Aquacomputer Flow sensor high flow NEXT, G1/4 (one per customer)

Manufacturer: AquaComputer

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22 in stock


Fully integrated sensor for coolant flow, temperature and quality ewuipped with USB interface, RGBpx lighting and OLED display.

Flow measurement
Coolant flowing through the sensor drives a rotor/impeller, a contactless magnetic sensor system detects the rotation speed. Each sensor is calibrated for optimum bearing play to achieve minimum operation noise. The sensor delivers reliable readings over a wide range of flow rates between 35 l/h and 1000 l/h (approximately 9 to 260 US liquid gallons per hour) and is therefore perfectly suited for most water cooling systems. Due to a symmetrical construction, the flow direction is irrelevant. Furthermore, the sensor may be installed in any orientation. Due to its low flow resistance, this sensor is a perfect match for high flow water cooling systems.
The high flow NEXT is equipped with two sensors for rotor speed detection. Combined with an intelligent sensor evaluation, this results in in a four times higher resolution compared to the other flow sensors of our high flow series. Pre-configured calibration curves stored in the integrated electronics result in high precision flow rate detection, with calibration data provided for DP Ultra and pure water as well as for different types of fittings.

Sensor for coolant quality
A very precise measuring system for the electrical conductivity of the coolant is integrated into the high flow NEXT. It is capable to measure the conductivity between 2-200 µS and determine the quality of the coolant. If corrosion occurs or if the corrosion protection inhibitors are used up, the conductivity of the coolant increases significantly. In this case, the coolant should be replaced.

Sensor for coolant temperature
The high flow NEXT is equipped with a very precise and fast water temperature sensor.

Highly integrated electronics
The refined electronics are features an OLED display, alarm buzzer and full RGBpx system. Power supply and communication with the PC are provided by USB interface.
The display and three buttons allow a simple and direct configuration of the sensor. The graphical display can show all measured values either as numbers or diagrams. All display pages are user-selectable and can be changed automatically.
All sensors values can be monitored with alarm limits. If an alarm occurs, it can be indicated both acoustically via the integrated buzzer and optically using the LEDs. In addition, the signal output connector can be used to forward alarm information. The signal output can also be configured to generate a flow signal for another connected device or a fan speed signal for the motherboard (100 l/h resulting in 1000 rpm).
Using the aquabus interface, data can be forwarded from the high flow NEXT to a connected aquaero 5/6 controller. The aquabus interface can also be used for power supply (instead of USB), but in this case the RGBpx functionality will not be available.

RGBpx controller for addressable LEDs
To provide a visual flow control, the sensor has ten integrated RGBpx LEDs. In their default configuration, they provide a rotating flow indicator which changes the speed depending on the flow rate. Other effects can be configured using the aquasuite.
Additionally, the high flow NEXT is equipped with an RGBpx output for controlling up to 90 addressable LEDs independently. Color and brightness can be individually controlled for each LED. In total, up to six groups of LEDs of varying size can be configured, and visual effects can be assigned to each group. The 23 available effects can be extensively adjusted for further customization. Many effects can also be configured to modify effect parameters (for example speed) depending on current sensor data. The available effects also include sound-to-light effects, visualizing computer sound output. The AMBIENTpx effect deserves special notice, replicating the border area of the current monitor display on connected LEDs, allowing for an impressive background lighting surrounding the monitor.

high flow NEXT Teaser Video

Scope of delivery:
One flow sensor
One internal USB cable

Technical details:
Dimensions: ca. 51 x 43 x 34 mm
Connection threads: G 1/4

System requirements
– Windows 8.1 or newer
– Internal USB 2.0 port

Notes on the AMBIENTpx effect
Screen content preventing analysis by DRM or similar methods cannot be utilized for the effect.

Notes on the aquasuite software
When you activate this product you will receive the current version of the aquasuite software including an upgrade service for at least six (6) months. After the expiration of the upgrade service you may use and reinstall the latest version available during the upgrade period without a time limit.
The update service can optionally be extended or renewed at any time for a fee.
Please note that an internet connection is required for the installation and activation of the aquasuite software.
Further information about the update service and the activation of the aquasuite software can be found here.

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