Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut High-Tech Carbon Thermal Pads – 32x32x0.2mm

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Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut high-tech carbon thermal pads can be used as an excellent alternative to mid-range thermal compounds. They have the exclusive advantage of being reusable, with a very elastic and adaptable surface and very high thermal conductivity. Even the slightest unevenness can be compensated very well.

The Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut pad is a carbon fiber thermal pad. Its special developed polymer results in its flexibility and its soft ‘gap filler’ properties. The carbon fiber structure ensures excellent thermal conductivity. Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut is lightweight and reusable. In addition, Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut has a very high thermal conductivity even with very little contact pressure. Thermal Grizzly Carbonaut heat transfer performance always remains constant. Note: Carbonaut is electrically conductive.

Thermal Conductivity 62,5 W/mk
Thickness 0,2mm
Temperature -250 °C / +150 °C
32 x 32 Intel Desktop CPUs (115x) e.g 6700K, 7700K, 9900K
38 x 38 Intel 20xx HEDT CPUs and AMD Desktop CPUs. e.g. 7900X, 7980XE, 2700X, 1800X, 6950X
51 x 68 AMD Threadripper CPUs e.g. 1950X, 1920X, 2990WX
25 x 25 Nvidia GPUs (RTX 2080)
31 x 25 Nvidia GPUs (RTX 2080 Ti)

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