Ultra Clear Tubing (1/2 – 3/4) 13/19mm Tubing

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The Mayhems ‘Ultra Clear’ product sets a new standard in transparency with our new flexible tubing and is simply epochs ahead of all the new EU standards that will soon be in effect.

‘Ultra-Clear’ tubing utilises new ’Polymer Additives’ that do not leach plasticizers into the system, which can lead to fouling and blockages. Mayhems ‘ultra-Clear’ does not employ the use of Phthalate materials, which again lends credence towards a higher quality product than other types of tubing.

Mayhems has liaised closely with a leading tube manufacturer within the United Kingdom in order to convey to you this high-grade product so one now longer needs to ‘take a chance’ with sub-par tubing.


Size: ID 1/2” – OD 3/4” – WT 1/8”
Material: PVC
Color: Clear /NOT UV ACTIVE

Custom length cut. Price is per 1ft. 

1 review for Ultra Clear Tubing (1/2 – 3/4) 13/19mm Tubing

  1. Baljit Sanghera (verified owner)

    These became cloudy really quickly. I had a bunch of white stuff in my reservoir when I drained it.

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