Alphacool tubing AlphaTube HF 16/10 (3/8″ID) – UV blue 3m (9,8ft)

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A water cooling system consists of many different elements. Pumps, radiators, cooling blocks, reservoirs and often other com-ponents. In order to build up a functional water cooling system, these components must of course be connected to each other. The easiest way to do this is use tubung. Here the Alphacool AlphaTube HF tubing is the best choice.

In different vivid colors, clear and also UV-active. The AlphaTube HF tube offers a large selection of different colours and styles making it easy to find the hose that best suits your taste.

The AlphaTube HF tubing has the perfect flexibility to be easily installed. It is flexible enough to be laid without effort, butat the same time rigid enough that it will not kink easily, even with tighter bending radii.

Available in different sizes.
We offer the AlphaTube HF hose in all common sizes.

Technical data:
Length: 3 m
Tube size: OD 13 mm / ID 10 mm
Material: PVC
Hardness grade: 65-70 A-Shore
Working temperature: -10 – 80°C
Burst pressure: 18 bar
Working pressure: 3 bar

Download data sheet PDF: Alphacool tubing AlphaTube HF 16/10 (3/8″ID) – UV blue 3m (9,8ft) Retailbox

Note on application
Please use only in conjunction with clear transparent water cooling fluids. The particles and additives in Pastel liquids can clog and permanently damage water cooling products such as radiators, pumps, coolers and hoses. This can result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty as well.

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