12″ Copper Metal Hard Tube 10/12mm – Chrome – 300mm

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  • SKU: DS-0581
  • Brand: DarkSide

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Attention: This is hardened tube, so it cannot be bend (it will break if you try).

Chromed Copper Hard Tube is for advanced modders. Required copper tube bender and metal grade saw.  Cuts must be polished to avoid damage to o-rings of compression fitting. Use protective wear while working with metal tube.

Tube can be used with any hard tube fittings for Tube’s Outer Diameter 12mm (DarkSide, Bitspower, Ek and so on).


  • Material: copper, chrome plated
  • Length: 300MM (12″)
  • Outer diameter: 12mm
  • Wall thickness: 1mm

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