EK-HD PETG Tube 12/16mm 1000mm (Pack of 2)

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EK-HD PETG Tube is a solid type PETG tubing intended for use with EK-HD push-in adapters and EK-HDC series compression fittings. The tubing may be heat treated to achieve certain bends. For expert users only!

It is mandatory to chamfer the edges of the freshly cut tube in order to prevent gasket (O-ring) damage. EK recommends a 0,5mm x 45° chamfer.

Technical data:
– Material: PETG
– Inner diameter: ~12 mm
– Outer diameter: ~16 mm
– Length: 1000mm (19.5″) each

For easier installation, we recommend wetting the gasket (O-ring) using drops of water prior to installing the solid tube.