Balancing work and parenting is not always easy and it comes with compromises on both sides. Spending your time with kids is important and it is not something you can do later. We are closing store for a short School Spring  break. You still can shop, but orders will be shipped when we return.

It is our tradition at DazMode to offer a token of appreciation to those who continue to support our store during our store closure times. 
We will be having a very special sale with exclusive pricing and specials that are not normally available regular times.

The Break Sale will START on March 6th NOON  and END March 18th MIDNIGHT


Please note, that we cannot accept EMT payments while we are away as it requires access to web-banking.

Thank you to everyone in advance! We love you all.


As separate personal thank you, Daz will add to 3 random orders placed during March Break period one of following surprise gifts:

1. Eisplateau anti-static Modding Mat

2. DarkSide LP240 Radiator

3. Alhacool Coffee Mug



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