Can I add product(s) to an already placed order?

No, unfortunately, we cannot add any items to paid orders. Please, make a new order for any additional products you may need.

We can, however, if time permits, ship your multiple orders together and refund any savings as described in SHIPPING F.A.Q.

Please note, that we process refunds ones or twice a week, please refrain from sending us e-mails with demands of immediate refund. If you cannot wait a few days, simply do not make your secondary order.

Can I remove items from my placed order?

We accept requests for removing items from paid, but not yet shipped orders. If your order status indicates  “shipped” it is too late to make a change.

The request must be in writing by e-mail. This benefit is provided at no charge at our “best effort”.

Can somebody check my order list for mistakes, before I place it?

Yes, we happy to provide you with advice. Confirm your name with customer service, and we can review your shopping cart list for feedback.

NOTE: Due to limited manpower, we cannot help you with:

  1. Reseach your GPU compatibility with watercoling blocks. Use EK Watercooling Configurator tool. Configurator is easy to use with GPU images and GPU part numbers to find your match.
  2. Advice on the suitability of your computer case to fit parts, unless we used the same exact case ourselves in one of our projects. Use ruler and product description (size) to figure things out.

How fast do you ship?

We have no back-order policy and ship quickly.

Orders shipped within 48h (or less) Monday-Friday excluding Canadian Holidays and pre-announced Store Closure dates.

Our daily scheduled parcel pick-ups run between 1 pm and 3 pm EST (Toronto, New York); therefore orders placed after 12 p.m. EST attended next day.

I have placed my order. When should I expect updates about its current status?

You can review your current order status by logging into your Account (My Account — Order History) or by monitoring e-mail notifications.

Orders shipped within 48h(or less), Monday-Friday excluding Canadian holidays and pre-announced Store Closures dates.

I cancelled paid order by mistake. I can resubmit it?

E-mail customer service with your order # and your order will be re-instated.

If your order has been refunded (status “REFUNDED”),  make a new order.

What to do if I have an issue with my order?

If you experience the problem with a product, please open service ticket from your order history. From your order view in the account area click on “request warranty” button and provide details.

If you have the problem with delivery, payment, etc., contact customer service by email.

Can I come and order parts in person?

No, all orders made online exclusively.

We are not interested in maintaining a retail store. Please respect our choice.


Do you combine multiple orders?

Yes, wherever possible, we combine multiple and not-yet-shipped orders into the single shipment to lower shipping cost. Savings refunded back in 1-5 days.

To help us to see multiples, please refer to the previous order in order notes.

If there are no comments made, we still make an effort to locate and combine shipping costs for your convenience.

This benefit is provided at no charge at our “best effort”.


Do you ship order as single or multiple shipments?

We ship everything in one box from one location.

If we make a mistake and you miss an item, please log service ticket from your order history to correct such error.


Where do you ship from and do you charge for shipping ?

Your orders shipped from our warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Customers pay shipping costs calculated from the weight and required box size of all the items in the shopping cart.

The store is connected to our company’s account with  Canada Post, FedEx or UPS in real time and gets the price from them.

From time to time we may offer reduced or free shipping as part of the sales event.

How will I know if my package is shipped?

When your order shipped; you will receive an e-mail notification, and your order status in store shows ‘Shipped’.

You can see your order status in Order History (My Account page).

How can I track my order ?

You can find your order tracking data in email shipping confirmation and from your Order History (My Account — Order History — Order#).

My Canada Post shipment has not arrived, but my tracking shows it has already been delivered!

Canada Post notoriously known for premature status updates. Wait at least 24h to make sure it is not the case.

If you have still not received your parcel the next day, please contact Customer Service for opening service ticket ( claim) with Canada Post.

Do not forget to check your mailbox, your community street box or ask relatives or friends if they may receive your package and forgot to tell you! Don’t laugh; it happens more often than you think.

Does UPS charges a fee at the door upon delivery?


There is no additional charge for Canadian based customers. DazMode is a Canadian company therefore shipping is local.


US based customers with orders over $200USD (~ $250 CAD) must pay a UPS brokerage cross-border charge(directly to UPS). Please, contact UPS for exact details at 1-800-PICK-UPS.

I feel that your shipping cost is too high for a small item!

You may don’t know it, but  Canada Post, UPS, and FedEx have a minimum weight restriction which is one pound.

You can optimize your shipping costs by adding more items to your order.

Lettermail shipping is not offered.

*rant* You charge too much for shipping!

We neither subsidize nor charge extra for shipping.

Your shipping charge comes from our account with Canada Post, FedEx, and  UPS.

Insurance coverage is mandatory for all orders.

Do you ship to USA and Internationally?

USA – Yes, we ship to the USA and we have many happy customers from the USA

International – No,  we do not ship outside of Canada and USA.

Can I pickup my order?

We are not interested in maintaining a retail store and deal with customers in person. Please respect our choice.

However, we allow local pick-up for orders over the certain value, which we adjust from time to time. If you order amount achieved the required threshold the Warehouse Pick-up option will appear in shipping options at the checkout page.

The warehouse pick-up is by agreed appointment only Mon-Fri between 10 am and 3 pm. Your photo ID with billing address matching your order required upon pick up.

There are no exceptions if you unable meet our order minimum, do not ask for pick up.

What Credit Cards accepted at your store?


VISA,  Mastercard, and AMEX accepted for Canadian customers.

We only ship to credit card billing address confirmed by your credit card AVS system.  Payment attempts that fail to comply will be blocked.


International customers may pay with Paypal.  Your order shipping address should be the same as your Paypal confirmed address.

I cannot use my credit card with your store, but I know that my card is good!

For customers who comply with our Credit Card payment policy (see topic above) and still experience payment problem most likely have payment transaction authorization declined by their bank as a security precaution against fraud.

If you are confident that there are no mistakes in your Name, Credit Card number; expiry date and verification code entries, and you receive payment error. Please, call your Credit Card issuer at the 1-800 number located on the back of your card, and ask to authorize DazMode.com charge. You only need to make this call one time as your subsequent purchases will be approved automatically.

Is there any way to split payment between two options in the same order?

No, the splitting of payment not supported. A single source of payment is required.

You may, however, purchase a Gift Certificate with one payment method, use that Gift Certificate towards your purchase, then use a second payment method for the remainder of the order.

How do I pay with EMT (Interac Email Mail Money Transfer)?

EMT (Interac e-mail money transfer) is only available for Canadian customers who bank with  Interac e-Transfer participants.

EMT checkout payment is a three-step process.

  • Checkout from DazMode store with the ‘EMT payment’ option selected.
  • Login into your web banking and send the EMT to the same e-mail address as you received in your order confirmation email.
  • While payment gets deposited automatically, it is a good practice E-mail us with the password you have chosen in case we have to do deposit manually.

After your payment processed from our end, your order payment status will change to ‘Paid’ by customer service manually, and you will receive a confirmation “Thank You” e-mail.

Please note that parts reservation on your name (inventory record change) takes place only when your order converted to status “Paid”. It is recommended to send payment without delay.

The 1% of your EMT payment will be donated to DazMode YouTube projects.  Thank you for EMT!

What are Reward Points for?

Reward Points are our way of thanking you for your support!

With every paid and shipped order, you earn Reward Points that used as a cash discount on any subsequent purchase.   We do not limit the number of points that you can redeem with next purchase – guaranteed.

Point collectors rewarded with points multiplier system.

You also earn Extra Points by participating in various promotional programs, such as writing helpful Product Reviews,  reaching certain order minimums and being the loyal customer.

Can I return products?

We have limited 30 days return policy with restocking fee.

  • All requests submitted through DazMode’s online store.
  • A return authorization number required for all returns.
  • The UNUSED, ORIGINAL SEAL PACKAGED merchandise, unless otherwise indicated, may be returned within 30 days from the original purchase date for a partial refund. Customer agrees to pay 15% restocking fee for any returned merchandise.
  • Customer agrees that USED AND/OR OPEN BOX WATERCOOLING EQUIPMENT is not returnable and are not refundable;
  • Cut-to-order  products such as tubing (hose), cable, sleeving, wire terminals, etc. are not returnable or refundable;
  • All Cooling Liquids are not returnable or refundable;
  • Refunds exclude original shipping;
  • The customer is solely responsible for shipping of any returned products, including any shipping charges. Customer agrees to use only reputable carriers capable of providing proof of delivery and insurance for the entire value of the shipment. Customer agrees to bear all shipping charges and all risk of loss for the returned product during shipment.

What is products warranty?

We provide limited 30 days warranty on all products we sell.

After 30 days from your order purchase date, you may entitle to Manufacturer Warranty and need to contact the manufacturer directly.

DazMode will assist with Manufacturer Warranty claims for following brands:

– Bitspower
– Mayhems
– DarkSide
– DazMode

Can I order ANYTHING with your custom order program?

We offer special ordering for rare items from our existing vendors list only.Minimum order quantity may apply for some items.

The most popular items are:

  • EKWB ( ETA 2 weeks)
  • Mayheams (ETA 3-4 weeks)
  • Alphacool/Phobia (ETA 1-2 months)
  • Bitspower (ETA 2 months)
  • All other brands  (ETA REALLY BAD) – contact customer service

We don’t take special orders for CaseLabs. Sorry.

Can you build my computer for me?

Yes, you can purchase build service at our store.

Occasionally we build high-end custom systems free of charge to showcase exciting project on our YouTube channel. Rules available HERE.

We also can recommend reputable computer builders for you in Toronto area, South-Western Ontario, and Quebec.  Contact customer service for more information with your project details.

Are you making custom cables?

Sorry, we don’t make one-off custom cables.

Do you provide cable sleeving services?

We provide an excellent variety of sleeving and modding products for customer projects, but we do not sell sleeving services.