Welcome to DazMode's Monthly Customer Appreciation Draw!

Every month we randomly select a winner for a gift from DazMode Store.


All DazMode customers are automatically entered for our draw with every order paid and shipped.  Multiple orders increase your chances  to win Grand Prize, but combined orders will count as a single order.

Lucky order number is drawn randomly within first week of following month. Winner must accept prize within 7 days or it will be re-drawn to other customer. Customer must sucessfuly solve math skill test to recieve prize.

This contest is open for all customers of DazMode.  No strings attached – shipping is included, although  we won't deal with any of your local tax or import charges.

Thank you for supporting DazMode!


 For June Prize

We selected Aquacompuer's Aquaero 6 XT Uber Controller!







 The aquaero is an absolutely autonomous working microprocessor-controlled device with USB 2.0 interface. 

The key features of the aquaero 6 include:
· Programmable four channel fan controller
· Graphic LC display with backlight
· USB 2.0 and aquabus interface
· Four fan outputs with up to 30 Watt of power per channel
· All fan outputs with 4-Pin plug, switchable to PWM control
· Versatile control options
· Eight temperature sensor inputs
· Flow sensor input
· Universal IR receiver
· Output for IR transmitter
· Three LED outputs
· Potential-free switch
· Two additional power outputs
· Extensive alarm options
· Acoustical alarm
· Speed signal output for status evaluation
· Expandable to a maximum of 12 fan channels