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Orange Build by Daz & MNPCtech

Orange Build (2011)

This build remains to be one of my favorite projects.  Orange Build features Corsair Obsidian 700 case modded by Bill Owen of MNPCtech. The side panel was cut to make the window (yes, windows was not a standard feature back in 2014), then the case was taken apart and powder coated with candy orange automobile paint and polished. Final touches include hand-painted graphics. Some additional bits were also power coated, such as radiator shroud, fan grills and multiple covers. PSU fan was replaced and was probably one of first PSUs featured LED fan.

Epic hardware specification:

  • Gigabyte X58A-OC, Intel i7, Dominator RAM, Dual Zotac GTX 470, watercooling was the mix of EKWB, Bistpower, Aquacomputer, Laing and Feser parts.

This system  was used to create many of DazMode videos between 2011 and 2012.

Full Youtube video blog can be found  here