7.75" (20cm) DarkSide CONNECT Dimmable Rigid LED Strip - WHITE

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Part Number: DS-0314
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Product Description

DarkSide LED was designed from scratch by adapting luxury automotive LEDs to computer modding. Our LED features ulrta-bright Japanese LED modules, custom design circuit board, and custom DarkSide Connect micro-connectors.

Our new version, DarkSide Connect, adds a modular power extension cable to the design. It allows you to select the best power cables as an option for your modding LED. It also makes it easy to change to another type of connectivity without replacing the entire LED product.

We have a wide range of DarkSide Connect cables to help reduce cable clutter in your custom computer systems. It will help you with building your unique computer to perfection.

REMINDER: Do not forget to select your DARKSIDE CONNECT cable option from the drop down menu above or you can explore more DarkSide Connect Options  >HERE<


  • LED Color: WHITE ____
  • PCB : Custom 20cm, Rev2
  • LED count: 18
  • Operating voltage: ~6v-12v (min-to-max brightness)
  • Power consumption: 1.7W
  • Power Wire Type: 7cm, modular (CONNECT)
  • Sleeveing: Jet Black HD sleeving


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pure lighting awesomeness - By Kounty at 07/31/2014

Just pure awesome!! I have one strip mounted on the very top against the back wall on my black on black on black enthoo primo case and it still lights up everything! I will recommend this to anyone who will listen and spam pcs on forums when rebuild is completed! Daz/darkside keep up the great work

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