Bitspower Dual D5 Pump Serial Top (Acrylic Version)

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Part Number: BP-2D5TOPAC-BK
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Product Description

DazMode mini-review: Looks better then on a pictures! Too tempting.

The Bitspower Dual D5 Mod Top Extreme combines the power of two D5 ( D5 DazMode Storm, MCP655, PMP-450 and etc) pumps and puts them in series for extra power and redundancy.

The one piece design ensures minimal number of seals as well as a solid construction. The perfectly CNC machined.  The unit has dual IN and dual OUT ports for maximum flexibility. A pair of G1/4 stop fittings are included as well.

This top can further modded with seprately purchased colored 5mm LEDs, clear stop plugs with 5mm led holes for extra set of LEDs,  colored D5 O-rings and Bitspower dressing kits for THE killer looks.

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Bitspower Dual D5 Pump Serial Top (Acrylic Version) - By Michel S at 05/20/2015

This Bitspower mod is great quality all the way and looks awesome when you light it up with a few 5mm LEDs at night. Tried a test with the Dual pump top feeding 2x240 86mm monsta rads with 2x360= (1x 40mm EK and 1x UT60MM Alphacool)..EK cpu water block .. 10 Phase VRM Water Block and 2x evga 980 classifieds w/ EK water blocks on both cards and a few 90 degree fittings. There was lots of pressure left for more modding easily.I give it a 10/10 quality and 10/10 for looks. It's worth the extra buck.. i think. :)

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