Cable Management Velcro Strap (select your color from drop down menu)

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Product Description

Velco Strap is easy and convenient way to hold your cables in desired position. Easily adjustable, multi-use feature is priceless during any build.

 Sold per feet in custom cut length, so you can cut perfect length for your particular cable management situation yourself.


Offered in Black, White, Red, Blue.

Made in USA.

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Custom Velco Straps! - By Kevin I at 01/15/2014

These velco straps are fantastic, you can cut split them in half and cut whichever length you need for your cable management. It is very strong on holding up large amount of cables. I end up using 3 feet of it to wrap cables out the way to work on my watercooling rig. Best velco strap you can find here! No more pre-cut ones.

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