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Product Description

Limited Edition DazMode PROTECTOR is a special treat for DazMode community members.

Make up to 2 liters of coolant solution by adding DazMode PROTECTOR to distilled water. Carefully formulated chemicals suppress corrosion and algae growth in your water cooling loop and improve heat transfer.

Fully compatible with Feser Dye coloring option.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany by Feser One Company under DazMode's request.

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Nice product - By Addicted2Rad at 08/23/2013

Been using this product for over 2 months now without any issues. It doesn't stink up your loop compared to swiftech hydrx and it comes clear as distilled water so you can mix it with any sort of coloring you would prefer.

This is what everyone should be using - By william m at 08/23/2013

This has ethylene glycol in it. EG serves as a lubricant for your pump, a corrosion inhibitor, and is highly toxic so it is also a biocide (no algae). I know someone else said it doesn't stink up your loop like hydrx but they are wrong. The smell is the EG not something else swiftech put in the coolant. I would recommend this over hydrx though because it doesn't have UV reactive particles or dye that can separate out. Use this with distilled water and if you need color use food coloring (will not separate out and clog water blocks). Don't think you need a corrosion inhibitor because your loop is all copper and brass? Think again... low quality plating on fittings, TIN solder in your radiator, and the mistake of using a kill coil can all lead to some very disastrous loop issues. W/ EG you don't use a silver kill coil, if your fittings plating fails the EG will keep it from reacting, and it will keep the solder in your radiator from corroding or causing your waterblock to corrode.

Works most of the time - By Philipp B at 10/20/2013

I've been using this in multiple builds so far and only one showed some algua build-up. Great for the money since it's a concentrate and you can buy distilled water for 2-3$/gallon at any pharmacy. Strongly recommended on every single loop.

Easy! - By Isaac O at 11/04/2013

After a month of use, I haven't seen any issues in the additive, neither in the loop. Simple and clean to use with distilled water and provide safety that your loop will stay clean as long as possible.

Dazmode Protector Protects with Protection - By Spirillum at 08/07/2014

I've been using Dazmode Protector with dye (also from Dazmode) for 8 months and my loop looks as clear and clean as Day 1. My build was detailed on the Dazmode forums as Spirillum's Build if that helps. No issues for me, 10/10 would recommend.

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