LAING D5 STRONG 8-24V Pump (MCP655-B, PMP-450S & Other Re-Brands)

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Part Number: D5T STRONG
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Product Description

Original LAING D5 Strong pump (also sold under Swiftech, Koolance, EK, Alhacool and other names).

This the highest performance pump within Laing D5 family at maximum power.  The maximum output can be achieved by using 24v power supply (controller).

Specifications Pump:

•Max Capacities:  7.5GPM
•Max Head: 19’
•Pipe Connections: ½” Barb Connection
•Maximum Working Pressure: 50 PSI
•Maximum Temperature: 140° F (60c)
•Rotation: counter clockwise when viewed from the motor end
Motor: Electronically Commutated DC Spherical Motor
•8-24 Volt DC
•Automatic Overload Protection
•Low In-Rush Current
•Laing original model name: D5T Strong/810N

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silent! - By Dominic F at 08/23/2013

got this pump for my system witch include 1 240(thick)rad 1 360(thick)rad, cpu block, 3 gpu blocks and a rez. Give a pretty good flow and remain barely audible!

Emmanuel B - By Emmanuel B at 11/09/2013

Received this pump today and replaced my XSPC X2O 750 Pump. The pump is extremely quiet and the flow rate is incredible. Very happy with this product!

Raw power - By Christian C at 11/30/2013

This is an incredible pump. On normal 12v power, this pump will operate like a D5 Vario at setting 4, but if you use it with a 24V controller, this pump will be way more powerful than the D5 Vario at setting 5. A D5 Vario has a RPM limitation of 4800, so no matter how much voltage you give her, she will not run over that speed. The D5 Strong's RPM limitation is at 5900 (only attainable with a 24V controller), but the counterpart is that she will not be able to operate below 4000 RPM. Also, don't worry about the noise level, even at full speed, this one will not be much noisier than the regular D5 if correctly fixed to your case. Another good thing is that since this model is physically the same as the D5 Vario, you can use any D5 aftermarket top available. If you ever felt that a D5 at speed 5 was not enough power for you, give this one a chance on 24V, you won't regret it!

Excellent product - By Dominic G at 08/23/2014

I Have this pump for a while's barely audible and as excellent flow.

Powerful - By Ryan F at 10/20/2015

After my ddc pump died recently, I decided to go the D5 route and it has been a good change so far. Temperatures seem to be a few degrees lower, can't say for certain it's the pump change, but I have a feeling it's played a part. Pump is quieter than my ddc 3.25 was. I would advise getting some anti vibration matting or something though as I can actually feel a slight vibration in my desk from the pump.

Superb - By Alex P at 11/27/2015

Bought this pump to complete my first new loop in several years, and it definitely did not disappoint! Runs relatively quiet; especially when isolated with foam tape, and is incredibly powerful for the size. I've never had this much ease with bleeding a loop. Helps keep my 4.5GHz 4670k at a cool 35-40C with no hiccups. *Loop consists of D5, Swiftech MCR220 and EK Supremacy EVO.

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